Why not volunteer for Devon Air Ambulance Trust?

Hello my name is Nigel Lang and I am a paramedic I work on one of the two helicopters that the Devon Air Ambulance operate I would like to talk to you about volunteering for the Devon Air Ambulance and what a fantastic opportunity it is for people to volunteer for us. We live on a flight path into Torbay Hospital because we live about a mile and a half away and the ambulance goes over quite regularly taking patients in that they have picked up somewhere and we see them going in and out all the time so we thought what a wonderful service it was and we thought we would like to support them in some way or another. So our volunteers are the true back bone of the organisation. We have about 415 volunteers who work for us delivering a whole raft of roles, for example working in one of our 15 charity shops I started volunteering for the Devon Air Ambulance about five years after I have been rescued by the Air Ambulance following a motorway crash in 1999 whenI lost control of my vehicle I think it is fair to say that I am here today volunteering for the Air Ambulance and doing as much work as I can simply because of the Air Ambulance service having rescued me. They saved my life. Basically I will be eternally grateful to the crew you never stop thanking them from your heart because you are alive because of the work they do and because of the work volunteers do. Volunteers man stands, they raise the money, they collect the money and without the money there would not be an air ambulance because it is not state funded and neither should it be. We’ve got volunteers up and down the county beavering away as we speak in our shops, counting the money in our collection tins giving talk to schools and I am amazed by the amount of time and the enthusiasm that they give us. I would like to thank them We really couldn’t do what we do without them we would not be able to do what we do without them. Our volunteers really do save lives.

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