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(gentle music) – When our clients come and they’re catastrophically injured, when they’re overwhelmed financially, when they’re being pestered and bothered and badgered by insurance adjusters, it makes us feel a great
sense of responsibility. We wanna jump right in and take care of all of
those issues for the client so that they can focus on
healing and getting better and pulling their families together. – We have a fantastic
team at Viles & Beckman. We have top-flight paralegals, case managers, and they do a variety of different things here at the firm. They will always listen to you. They will always communicate with you. We do that because the
insurance company has an army, and we have any army ready
to fight back for you. – I’ve learned in 35
years of helping people that one of the most important things is that you need someone who actually really cares
about your situation and your needs and your problems. So I think that when
our clients come to us, one of the wonderful things about our firm is that we have a very caring, very sympathetic, very
professional all-around approach. – Linda was my younger sister. She was coming home that early morning. She was on a bicycle and she’d gone across
three lanes of traffic, and the semi came along
and clipped her bike. – They said, “This is Lee Memorial. “Your daughter has been
hurt and she’s critical.” – Yeah, we went right up
to the hospital to see her. I’ve never seen a body so broken and stitched back together and so many tubes going in and out of her. It was the worst thing
I could ever imagine, something I would never wish on anybody. It is that bad. My job was praying and helping and going every day to
make sure she lived. And that’s why I reached
out to Viles & Beckman is because if she lived I needed help, ’cause I couldn’t do it on my own. The minute I met Marcus
I knew I was handled. I knew I did not have to worry about one single solitary thing. I feel she’s looking down on us. I feel that she is happy
that we got the last word, that Viles & Beckman fought for our family and she’s vindicated. Everything’s good. We’re happy and I will
highly recommend ’em. – One of the most rewarding
things about this type of work is the end result. You work with someone for
sometimes more than a year, and so you really get
to know a person then. And there’s something
to be said for a big hug after the case is wrapped up. – After an accident,
it can be devastating, and you don’t know where to turn. But at Viles & Beckman, we’ll protect you, and we provide compassionate,
caring representation for our clients. (gentle music) (logo whooshing)

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