Une ambulance pour Aizaria

Located in Hauts-de-Seine territory, Western
suburbs of Paris, with 92.000 unhabitants Nanterre is a global city, which
has committed for many years in international cooperation actions
with other cities, from different countries, members of the World Forum of
Peripheral Local Authorities Since 2013, Aizaria, Palestine, is
one of their members. with 30.000 inhabitants, the city is located
in the periphery of East Jerusalem It’s a very famous place for Christian pilgrims,
as they can visit the tomb of Lazarus There is no hospital in this city. In order to get health care, people must
go to Jerusalem, where there is the nearest hospital, or must go further Any trip is very hard because of
the wall and the check points. When he came to Nanterre
the Mayor of Aizaria mentionned his plan to purchase a new ambulance. the current one can’t be used
because it’s too old and is no more allowed to be used. According to its values, among which solidarity,
the City of Nanterre has chosen to bring help in order to purchase
a new ambulance. This is why the City of Nanterre
has launched a crowdfunding. Then all citizens can take part in this unique initiative. Thanks to donations, the city of Aizaria would be able to acquire a new ambulance for its own unhabitants, but also for neighbouring cities’ ones including Abudees, partner of Rezé, city located in the suburbs of Nantes (middle west of France) This new ambulance will dramatically improve access to health care.

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