Top 7 Near Fatal Injuries That People Survived

7 Fatal injuries that people survived number seven in June 2006 thirty
eight-year-old truman Duncan from Cleburne Texas was working at his job on
the railway he was in a process of connecting two rail cars when he slipped
and ended up falling under the wheels of a moving rail car which effectively cut
him in half he lost part of his pelvis his left leg kidney any right leg from
below before I where most people would have just passed out during his horrific
accident he managed to hang onto the train until it came to a stop and then
ring 911 on his cell phone to alert the emergency services ll it took them a further
over 45 minutes to arrive and remove him from under the train during which time
he remained conscious and even rang his family was waiting to be rescued during
this time the father of three said that he never thought he was going to die at
the hospital surgeons spent three and a half hour saving his life and removing
dirt and debris from his wounds he went on to have a further 23 operations over
a four-month period before being released from hospital he went on to
make a remarkable recovery and although his wheelchair bound he returned to a
desk job with the same Railway Company work for when he had a accident. Number
six being a British soldier in
is a dangerous occupation at the best times but for combat medic Lance Corporal
Dean Bousfield the 2nd of July 2010 would become a life-changing day he was
three months into a tour of duty when out on a routine patrol he was shot in
the head by a the bullet went straight through his helmet and pass
right through his brain before exiting his skull above the right ear and
lodging in helmet on the opposite side which it entered he was evacuated by
helicopter to before being transferred to an American
Hospital where he was operated on by an american neurosurgeon in 99.9% of cases
where this sort of trauma to the brain the outcome is invariably fatal but for Dean Bousfield he survived but was not expected to live with sent back to
England to died surrounded by his family however he didn’t die and his recovery
has astounded doctors the bullet destroyed a large part of his brain
including the speech cortex doctors believed he would he would neither move nor talk but he’s gone on to do both. Talking afterwards dean said all he could
remember was firing his rifle and then waking up for weeks later in hospital
although he suffered some paralysis he has gone on to take part in a host of grueling physical challenges including
the ride in 2014 where he hand pedaled 335 miles from Brussels in Belgium to Paris in France and in the
same year he also won a bronze medal for seated shot put at the Invictus games for
wounded service personnel number five getting shot by one bullet can be fatal
but getting shot 16 times and still living to tell the tale is more like a
miracle recovery but that’s what happened to Joseph Guzman as he was
leaving a bachelor party in Queens New York on November 25th 2006 Goodman said
that he was leaving the party with two friends Trent Benefield and Sean Bell
who was actually the man who is getting married later that morning the men doing
the shooting with three plainclothes police detectives who were undercover at the party they said they
witnessed Sean Bell arguing outside the club of a driver of an SUV and they
overheard Goodman saying he was going to get his gun the detectives followed the
three men and confronted them as they headed to bed car it was when they got
into the car and the driver Sean Bell bumped one of the detectives with his
car as he tried to get away that the officers opened fire on the car in all
they fired 50 bullets into a car killing Bell and injuring Bozeman and Benefield
when Guzman was admitted to hospital but doctors counted 19 bullet holes
caused by 16 bullets, 7 of which were found in his body he was shot in
the legs, chest, face and had multiple wounds to his abdomen and intestines. Guzman went on to make a full recovery and the
incident sparked fierce criticism of the police the three officers were charged
with manslaughter but they were later acquitted on all charges Number 4 Phineas Gage is one of the earliest documented cases of a severe brain injury and in
many ways kick-started modern neurology because of the ongoing study of a major
personality changes that he suffered after the accident Gage was the forman of a railroad crew and on the 13th of September 1848 was
excavating rocks to make way for a new railroad track they did this by drilling
holes into the rocks and in placing explosive powder into them. On that day he was
compacting explosive powder into a hole in the rock with a tamping iron. A tamping attempting is a large on metal rod about 4 feet long and one and a quarter inches in
diameter as he was packing the explosive down a spark ignited the explosive in
the hole and fired the tamping on out of high speed and through gauges head it
entered below his check and exited completely out of the top of his head
before landing some thirty yards away though now blind in one eye and with a
gaping hole in the top of his head incredibly he was able to walk to an ox
cart within minutes of the accident and was transported to the boarding house
where he was staying to be treated by the local doctor having survived what
many thought should have killed him outright he become a bit of a celebrity
especially in medical circles although he seemed to have recovered as well as
can be expected those close to him said he was no longer the same man he lost
all his social inhibitions he couldn’t stick to plans was often drunk bad
tempered and as they say uttered the grossest profanities and
showed little defference for his fellows the damage to his frontal cortex caused
by a tempting on effectively performed what we now know as a frontal lobotomy
on him this led to many advances in the study of a brain and what the effect of
a sort of damage could have on the personality of the injured person the
railroad company that once called him a model employee refused to take him back
he drifted from one job to another before ending up with relatives in San
Francisco where he died in 1860 after a series of seizures at the age of
thirty-eight number three sometimes even when you think you’ve had
enough of life a higher power may well choose but it’s not your time to go and
you have to carry on living that’s pretty much what happened to an unnamed
Oregon man who tried to kill himself with a nail gun twelve times the man was
high on meth amphetamines and in a suicidal state when he turned the gun on
himself and fired 2 inch long nails into his own head doctors only found out what he’d done
when he admitted himself to hospital complaining of a headache and saying that he had an accident with an nailgun but later he admitted that it was a suicide
attempt initially the nails couldn’t be seen but when they X ray him it revealed 6 nails clustered between his right eye and ear 2 below his right ear and 4 on the left
side of his head some of the nails were close to the
brain stem and major blood vessels but none pierced them surgeons removed the nails with pliers and a drill and the man survived with no lasting effects according to a report
written by Dr. Alexander West a neurosurgeon who oversaw the treatment
no one is known to have survived after deliberately firing so many foreign
objects into the head the man was transferred to a psychiatric center
under court order for a month before leaving against doctors orders number two in two previous story we had
a man trying to kill himself with a nail gun but in this one the man in question Dante Autullo from chicago was building
a garden shed and had no intention of trying to kill himself so when gun he was using misfired he
thought it was just grazed his head as a nail flew past he carried on building the
shed and even did some snow plowing it was only waking up the next day and
feeling sick that he decided to go to the hospital when doctors X-rayed him they
found a three and a half inch long embeded in the center of his brain just
millimeters from his motor cortex which if it had entered would have killed him
immediately when he first saw the x-ray he thought they were having a joke with
him until the doctor said “no that’s what’s in your head” he was rushed to
another hospital for surgery to have it removed afterwards dante said it felt
like he’d been punched in the side of ahead but thought the nail just
grazed his head as it flew past his ear although there are pain sensitive nerves
on the skull there are none in the brain itself which is why he only felt the pain
of a nail going through his skull but not the nail when it was actually in his
brain after the operation he made a full recovery with no lasting effects and
remembers everything happened even though it might be something he wishes
he could forget number 1. To round up this video and still on a construction tool
theme California electrician Ron hunt was working up a ladder drilling into an
overhead surface on August 15th 2003 when the letter started to give way he made
only threw down the drill but as he fell off a ladder he ended up falling face
down onto the 18-inch long, 1-1/2″ diameter drill bit that went
straight through his right eye socket and out the back of his head all this
time he was still conscious and felt no pain he said he ran his hands up the
drill to his eye and then put the other hand the back of his head and felt it
coming out the back of his skull that’s when he said he felt the shock setting
he was flown by helicopter to the Washoe Medical Center with a drill still lodged
in his head when his family arrived to see him in hospital and saw him with a huge drill through his head he was actually laughing & joking with the staff his
nephew Ben Hunt said that it just didn’t seem possible for him to be alive let alone cracking jokes and telling tales Ron escaped death because we drill didn’t
actually go through his brain it just pushed it to one side as it went through
his skull the surgeons wondered how they might actually remove a drill from his skull but in the end they twisted it and effectively unscrewed it out of his head
he lost his right eye and head a titanium plate screwed into the skull but was
healthy enough within weeks be interviewed by the news media he
subsequently returned to his job and he’s getting on with his life thanks for watching and I hope you
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  1. only took 52 seconds for me to pause the video to make my comment what a dumb arse operator did you listen at the start of the phone call

  2. He’ll back in 1991 I feel 92 feet in a flatbed truck while building powerlines broke my neck in a couple places my back ribs just bone and shattered my right ankle and I’m here to tell about it so I feel bad for all these people to get injured I know how they feel to this day I hurt every day but I feel that I am way fortunate than they are in a lot of them guys or women I think God that I didn’t die because there’s people who die for much less than thaBut I feel that I must have a purpose in life and I am up and moving around I take care of my grandchildren I have a problem with walking around too much my back hurts constantly my neck hurts constantly but hey life goes on God bless all of you out theret

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  4. That first one was definitely a bad ass not only he call 911 himself he went back to work for the same company and pretty much treated it like any other day mad respect for that man

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    I heard a story like #1 on a job a man was crushed by a tank from the belly button down they called his family letting them arrive to say goodbye before removing the tank it had him pinched off where no blood or guts fell out but when they moved the tank all his insides fell out and he died within 1 minute because of massive blood loss . It happened in the 1940's they had a picture of him under the tank it was at a sugar mill in Louisiana . They told the story at the safety orientation you went through to work there .

  6. They shot that car 50 times? That’s not trying to get them to give up so they can arrest them… That’s like they were trying to assassinate them all! How the heck did they get acquitted? The prosecutors should have appealed it! I think the double jeopardy law is stupid, murderers can get away with it just by a jury not agreeing!

  7. To cut a long story short. My head was completely chopped off by a chainsaw. I glued it back on with peanut butter. I am still living like this.

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  16. There is still debate how much Phineas Gage's personality shifts were due to brain damage and how much were due to being reduced to a sideshow freak (really what he did for a living)

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  20. I didn't get injured but I sure as shit would have died instantly if my dad didn't save me. I was about 14 years old and my brother was 12. We lived on a wide waterway and would both wake board and knee board behind the boat with my dad driving. Great times. Well there are some low bridges as you go down the waterway. They are high enough for small, low boats to pass through but its close lol. Well one day as my brother was wake boarding, he finally pulled off a 360 and it was of the upmost sweetness. I, being a young and excitable, yet tall kid jumped up in joy for my brother. A moment later I swore I felt the force of the whole Earth pulling me down flat into the floor of the boat. Then as I was just getting a hold of myself I heard the bridge pass under. I knew immediately what had happened and I just stayed quiet. My dad just looked at me for a good second and then yelled "PAY ATTENTION!" and that was that. It was pretty crazy lol. If my dad was just a second or 2 late my head would have hit that concrete bridge going about 30-40mph and popped like a watermelon.

  21. Great job on the cases you chose for this video. Of the seven I studied three in getting my neuroscience bachelor's. Those would be Phineas Gage as well as both nailgun incidents.

    I also recall something I read years, perhaps decades ago. If I recall correctly, a two-man tree-trimming crew were at work taking branches off of a tree. The tool in use at the time was a rotary saw at the end of a long staff. Either the circular blade never had a guard of any kind, or it had been removed. While one of the two was sawing through a branch, the blade hit a hard knot in the wood, causing it to eject out of the cut and swing in an arc. The saw struck the other worker in the chest, cutting a 2 or 3 inch kerf just below the pectorals, and (as discovered later) cutting through the bottom of the heart muscle. Upon seeing this, the man operating the saw went into cardiac arrest (he had severe heart disease) and the other, with the chest injury gushing blood, began performing CPR on his fallen coworker. Passers-by called 911 and the injured man performed CPR until paramedics arrived and took over, whereupon he immediately went into shock and collapsed. Both men went to the same hospital, though the man recovering from having his chest partially bisected went home earlier than the other with the heart attack. I don't envy the man's experiences with getting struck by the saw, but I sure would love to have his fortitude.

  22. I was 9 months old and my dad n me we're in a train accident. I lost both legs. right to hip disarticulation and left above knee. That guy in video was a adult. I was tiny baby and lived. My dad lost a leg below knee. It was jan 1974 and super icy out. Back then there were no cross arms or lights on tracks in our little town of Monmouth illinois. The car stalled n dad thought we were on the tracks. He grabbed me an jumped. He slipped on ice and we were sucked under the train.people don't realize they will suck you under them.. dad pulled himself out. I was continually ran over till train stopped. I was a lil 9 month old baby. Mom said day before I took my first steps on my own . I'm 45 now. And Live a normal life. Raised 2 kids. Have several black belts. One in judo other in shotokan. I hunt and fish. I live a normal life. Just have lots of chronic pain…

  23. If you hadn't included the incident you outline as #4 (4:27) I would have called you lazy and thumbed down. Good job!

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    8:17 Brain surgery at Cook County Hospital? Were they trying to kill him again?

  25. A man in Akron, Ohio was pulled into a giant paper shredder and lost most of his body up to his navel. He survived. Several first responders required psychiatric counseling afterward.

  26. #4: I mean, if a metal rod blew through my head, blinding me in one eye and leaving a huge hole in my head, I would be pissed off too.

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    Nowadays you can get RAN OVER BY A TRAIN, CALL FOR HELP AND TALK TO YOUR FAMILY. Thank God for modern science.

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