The Master of Science Solar Energy Engineering – An innovative online program

first of all you always have to look up
where are the future topics which are interesting and renewables definitely
this will change the world but we have to understand that we have to deliver or
develop the technology for that and that’s our course about. Freiburg university is one of the oldestuniversities in Germany. We have a
tradition since hundreds of years more than twenty five thousand students a lot
of these students are international students. The special thing about
freiburg is that it’s a very strong research university and in addition it
is embedded in an surrounding where we have five Fraunhofer Institutes and two Max Planck Institute’s and I think that gives us a really good way to not only doing basic
research but all the transferring this basic research into products and into
things which we are using a need for society he has a strong link to to the
phone of an Institute for solar energy systems and that gives the students the
chance to see what’s really going on in research right now we have the record
for multi crystalline silicon solar cells but important for the front of the
Institute’s to be really on the cutting edge of this development and that is
sort of demonstrated by this record efficiencies
in the online master solar energy engineering our students become expert
in the field of solar energy they learn everything about school while you chain
of solar cells and solar thermal systems people who complete the master program
can very well work in this field we have also a member of our group who completed
this Master program we also have students who are now I’m following PhD
programs for example in the front of Institute and where the students who
like are now in much better position than their companies as have been before
so I think we all agree that when you buy energies will play a big role in the
future so for students which are just starting now with the courses I think
they will find a very nice job because in all countries we will have this
change of the energy systems from fossil energies to renewable energies since
decades the region of freiburg is leading in solar energy research it
would be great to welcome you as a student in our innovative online program you

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