The girl whose hand was injured asked a passer-by to help tie up her hair… 当手受伤的女孩请路人帮忙扎头发……

I don’t really know how to tie hairs. It’s okay. Just randomly tie it. Can you help me tie my hair? Excuse me, can you help me tie my hair? I have an exam in the afternoon. Let me help you. Okay, thank you. What happened? ——I fell. ——You fell? Oh my god, pretty girl. Thank you. Can you help me tie my hair? I have an exam in the afternoon. My hand is inconvenience. Let me hold that for you. It’s okay! you don’t have to! What happened to your hand? I just felled. the fall was quite serious. I don’t know how. Okay. How do i tie it? Just tie them all together. Don’t let them scatter. I really do not know how to tie it. Three times. OK. How do i tie it? I do not really know how to. Do i just tie it up ? Yeah, it works. Just one time will do. Okay. Wait a while. I’ll tie it one round. Just tie it? Yeah. Just tie it once. If i don’t tie it well, do not blame me. I do not really know how to tie other people’s hair. It will look more formal when my hair are tied up. I’ve never tied hair. Oh, okay. Thank you. Do i tie a ponytail? Yes. Should I tie a high ponytail or low ponytail? A low one will be okay. I’ll tie the knot on the outside. This will make you look more professional. That’s true. I’m scared I’ll hurt you. It’s okay. Oh, it loosen! Just normal will do right? Yeah, that’s right. Thank you. No problem. It doesn’t hurt, does it? It doesn’t hurt. Your hand is okay right? It’s kinda okay. It’s just that when I move it hurts a little. Is this okay? I don’t have a mirror. It works! thank you. I didn’t tie it up (the side hair of the girl ). It’s just the up part that is a little messy. It’s okay, thank you. But my office has a comb. Do you want to use it? It’s okay, thank you. Thank you. Goodbye. Hope you’ll succeed in your exams! I’ll stop it here, it’s better. Thank you. It’s okay. Goodbye. Bye.


  1. The one guy who struggled so much with the hair tie was adorable. He was trying his very best despite not knowing what to do. ☺

  2. I burned my hand once and it was pretty bad so it had to get patched up it was cool having my male and female classmates help me tie my hair

    The males would usually do something weird with my hair (like spin it around and tie it) then put it to a pony tail after

    While the girls always made it too tight

  3. This remind me of my memories when i was a 6 years old kid. My mom used to tie my hair every day before i went to school. #ilovemymom

  4. I can do that also, when i was little i thot one day im going to have sister so what happened if she tell me to tie her hair, so i learn it by my self, but it never happened😢,now im 19 y.o. single child of my parents

  5. Que país tan hermoso lleno de personas educadas, aquí en el Perú seguro te roban, te violan y apareces descuartizada en algún basural

  6. She's attractive, of course people much more willing to help, base on the appearance of others. How about we turn the tables, let us see who are really honest enough to help.

  7. I broke my left arm 9 years ago and I can't even hold anything. Thank god my hair was quite short but it still disturbing at times. Usually I ask my mom to tie my hair.😅…if my mom isn't home, I have to brace myself to ask my brothers to tie my hair because I didn't have my older sister at home that time and my youngest sister was still a baby. I can only laugh when I remember how I look like whenever my brothers tie my hair for me.😂..they usually tie my hair the apple style…I was 16 years old that time and my aunts and uncles said I look 10 years old because of that apple hair…seriously..😂

  8. I broke my leg so I ask my friends to wash my leg … but they are argue haha😁😁😁

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