The Energy Show

Energy is such a basic necessity of life, so it’s important for all of us, and particularly for the new generations, to be aware of the types of energy, and the issues, and the innovations that the different types of energy bring with them. So that’s why we decided to set up this Engery Show. We wanted to try a brand new theatrical experience – something new for our visitors that’s unlike anything you will have seen from us before, and we hope they enjoy it. Three, two, one! Whoa! Awesome! This has been almost a year in production. You see that it has high production value. There’s a lot of staff time and ingenuity and creativity into it as well. We could have not done that without IESO’s financial support. You’ve interrupted the upload my data. How about we do all the experiments for her, send her the data, and then she can file her top-secret report… are you guys with me? It really starts with the Ontario Science Centre and the reputation that they have for science education, so when we heard that they were looking at this project, we wanted to get involved. It’s a terrific show. Take a look at your new hairdo. You look great! The most memorable part of the show, I think, will be the firing of the Tesla coil. Firing Tesla coil! It certainly will spark awe and wonder in all of our visitors’ imaginations. The Energy Show opened, like, my mind to learning more about science and energy especially ’cause it’s really cool. The presentation, I think, changed my perspective of energy. When I go home, I was really want to learn about how to wind turbines actually help us, and how it affects us in everyday life use. It taught me that there’s different types of ways you could save energy and use it. At the end, you’ve learned so much, but also you had a good time. That’s a hallmark of the Ontario Science Centre, and I don’t you’ll see that anywhere else.

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