Taffer Walks Away From A Brand New Bar – Bar Rescue, Season 5

Jon, my god!
How are you? You’re drunk, aren’t you? No, not at all. I can tell by the way
he’s acting. I can smell it from here. My issue is,
I can’t endorse you. You will suck
the life out of everything. Okay. I wanted to acknowledge
I’m a smart businessman. I wanted to know
how to run 36 bars from a ship
in Costa Rica
or something. There’s your bar.
Run it, take the signs down, change your name,
do whatever you want. I’m leaving. Tell him what
you wanna do, guys. – It’s your moment.
– I quit. Good luck. Good, see you later. Good, see you later. You?
You’re gone too? So we don’t have
a grand opening? You do. Where’s Dalila?
Where’s Dalila? She’s not here. What about you, Jess? Oh, I plan on moving on. Where’s my crew? Are you guys
coming into The Dugout? Free admission,
buy you drinks all night long. Let’s go. God, don’t give any
money to that man. I’m not a ( bleep ) donkey
to smile for a ( bleep ) carrot. He smells like a ( bleep )
distillery. I love the vines. Man, Jon,
good job with the vine.The bar looks awesome.A beautiful make-over
that you could get from a
interior designer.Jess:
I don’t quit jobs.
I can’t afford to.
But I’m not gonna go
work for someone
who’s that drunk. Ed:
What do I wanna say to Jon?
He can go
( bleep ) himself.


  1. What was the end result of this episode I hope the asshole shut down and is now shitfaced in his mamas basement

  2. And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is an alcoholic.

    Addicts always always ALWAYS put their addiction before everything else. EVERYTHING else.

  3. Pig got high off his own sty real quick. I hated to see John and his staff put all of their time and energy into training the staff and remodeling his bar. Then to find out the owner was inebriated and selfish. I feel worse for the owner’s staff, but all of them should be doing fine now.

  4. That bar owner was a total asswipe. Jon taffer shouldn't have fixed his bar. He didn't appreciate the help Jon taffer gave to him. He's a drunken ass and I hope his bar gets shut down and I hope he ends up homeless. Stupid guy calling Jon taffer to help then b totally disrespectful to Jon and his own staff ughh.. this is why stupid people shouldn't breed. Jon taffer u won my respect cas I would of smacked that fukn asswipe owner. I admire ur strength of holding back from slugging him.

  5. This guy is a freaking genius. He just got a million dollar bar for free. He will now just sell it for 100% profit.

  6. He changed the name back to the Dugout, has a banner out front that advertises $4 tall boys and they say the sign is old and charge you $6. Check out the Yelp reviews, if the bar was any place outside of Wrigleyville he would have been out of business already.

  7. What a asshole but then again jon is a jerkoff. I guarantee all those employees went back to work that day you saw that line of customers all of then went back to work for those tips

  8. That guy should not own a bar. And by that I mean an alcoholic should never own a bar. Even if he gets help, goes to AA, gets dry, the temptation while owning a bar would just be too great.

  9. All these lamp clips of the show are basically the same, him yelling at the owner and walking out. Same shit, does this show have different stuff?

  10. What ppl dont know is, Jon is paid good money to help rebuild these bars. The owners call him in to help remodel.

  11. You know this bar’s screwed when, despite some remodeling, the owner is drunk and the staff has had enough. How appalling.

  12. this was honestly like a slap in the face to jon..he busted his ass for this bar only for the owner to show up dead drunk

  13. He offered to buy free drinks for the customers all night and no one followed him into the bar. He can't even buy customers. That's fucked up.

  14. Taffer walked away from Black Light Bar! That’s 2 he’s walked away from! He hates quitters! There’s NO crying in bar make overs, people!

  15. Pitiful. I feel bad for everyone who really wanted this Dugout place to workout. This guy is just pathetic

  16. Thats the classic response everyone says whether it be to the police or you're parents

    Are you drunk?

    No im not at all

    Ha Classic

  17. This man took his own money and time to remodel your bar and you show up drunk ??? Really ??

  18. All these comments probably made by people that have never been to the Dugout! Place is still there doing great. I even spoke to Ed once for about 15 minutes about doing the show. Interesting what he had to say about the reality of Taffer and the show. Oh and Delilah is there, already seen her this month. Much nicer looking and not so whinny bartenders as well. After having spent many pregames in the Dugout I would say there was little or no reality to this episode. The greatest mistake Taffer made here was renaming the bar. If any of you negative posters have been to the Dugout you would know that changing the name to "The Pressbox" showed Taffer didn't have a clue.

  19. Welcome to the Grand Opening/ Closing free booze all night long lol. He should have named the bar Aloha!

  20. Just looked on Yelp, says this place is closed.  I've read where some of these bar owners con the Bar Rescue producers into coming to their place just to get the $80K makeover & the new equipment, they have no intention on ever changing things.  This looks like a prime example

  21. @ :21 that kind of bullshit talk is what I live with at home every single day with my dad……its pretty awful. Living with a drunk is a terrible and frustrating burden

  22. Jon really wants to help these people but a lot of the owners are so shit they don't deserve jons help

  23. I’ve been to this bar and it was DISGUSTING!! It smelled like pee when you walked past the front door

  24. I saw the whole episode. The guy himself sober is shy and antisocial. My understanding was that he was the landlord of the bar, and acquired it when the previous bar owner went bankrupt. The guy didn’t really want to do the bar but for some reason couldn’t sell it or rent it or something. The guy has no business whatsoever doing a hospitality business. He was probably drinking to be able to stand people he doesn’t like.

  25. How the hell did Taffer get parking that close to Wrigley Field? I've been going there for several decades and haven't once gotten street parking that close.

  26. Lol remember the Simpsons episode were Barney won the move awards ….. Just reminds of it 😂😂😂
    Don't cry for me I'm all ready dead 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  27. How is this bar still open? 😂 I wish John would of never helped him because then the owner wouldn’t have a bar. He doesn’t even want to own one or care so he should of just sold it.

  28. Just finished watching this episode. That guy is a total prick, lowest of the low. I was hoping for a good ending, but not. I hoped Jon would’ve made at least Emily manager or owner, if he’d had his way. But I’m glad Jon offered to help them.

  29. I was hoping Jon would send his people in there and start tearing out all the new stuff. That owner is a maggot slimeball. Good job humiliating yourself on national tv, jackwagon! You will be known as a drunk smelly jerk from this moment till the day you die. If you keep drinking like a loser, that day is not far off.

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