T-Pain Wants ‘1 of Everything’ | Bar Rescue Highlight

Here we go, guys.
We’re opening up. Let’s slang some
( bleep ) drinks! – All right, everybody,
come on in!
– Yeah! – Let’s do it.
– Welcome to Sactown! Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you. Lot of dudes. I love that we got
called back tonight. I’m fully prepared,
ready to eat, ready to drink. – How’s it going?
– Ready to… Both: Shut it down. – Peach sours!
– Bang ’em out, guys. – Bang ’em out.
– ( crowd cheering ) One, two, three, four. One, two– that seems like
a lot more than two. Jon: This is the way
we do this. – ♪ This is the way
we clap our hands ♪
– And you’re smiling. You’re moving.
Look at this, Tommy, right? – Yep. Yep.
– We got real potential here. We have a hot pepper
and a pesto fried chicken. All right, that first crab
should be going out
in two minutes, all right? ( music playing ) – I want you to manage
this one table.
– Okay. – Take their order.
Get their drinks.
– Okay. Get their food order in.
If you can’t manage one table,
you can’t manage a restaurant. – Would you agree?
– I agree. – Chris, this is my wife Amber.
– Hi, Amber. What can I get you? – Peach sour.
– Peach sour? Okay. I literally want everything.
Whole thing. – The whole thing. Yep.
– You want one of each? Okay. How about you guys? Chris took our order.
He’s sweating, he’s nervous. – He’s all over the place.
– ( bleep ) You don’t want me
making drinks. – ( bleep )
– All right, sure. You should have a drink
in five minutes, right? – Yeah.
– You should have your food
in 15 minutes. It’d be good. – Okay.
– I will start this timer. Like, this is
not gonna go well. I don’t even know
what I’m doing here. The first thing,
we’re not building
in these, right? We’re building
in pint glasses, okay? I really want this to go well. But ’cause I’m doing stuff
that I’m not used to doing, I feel the burden.
I feel the pressure. – ( glass shatters )
– Ah, damn it! – Help.
– Help? – Look at his.
– Oh, you can’t serve – that drink now.
– ( bleep ) – Oh, you just ( bleep ) up.
– Lord have mercy. Jon: Chris has owned
this business for three years. How does he expect to make money
in the bar business, when he’s almost incapable
of pouring a glass of water? – Get him, Jon.
– How many you making? I am making six peach sours. Six at a time! All right,
let’s get this going. I need five orders
with chicken right now. Two of them are gonna be
hot pepper, the other three
are gonna be pesto. It’s very busy.
We’re whipping the food out
as fast as we can. – Ah, lit!
– These are the peach sours. – Okay, cool.
– And I’ll be right back
with the rest of it. – T-Pain: We got a drink.
– We got a drink. – Now is it good?
– I don’t know. Let’s see
if it’s nine minutes good. It’s actually pretty good. Okay, so it’s only
a few minutes late. They got candy in the drinks. Let’s go!
Runners, let’s go! – So, Tiff,
how we doing on the line?
– We got a lot of tickets and we’re gonna
start running behind
if we don’t get them out. If we don’t do it
in the next ten minutes,
we’re gonna lose it. – I’m gonna go ahead
and run these myself.
– Thank you so much. Tiffany:
We’re pulling Ricardo from
the kitchen to help go run. – Another pesto hot chicken?
There you go, my friend.
– Yeah. And then at that point,
he gets behind in the kitchen. One more chicken,
one more pesto,
one more of that, right? – We got three more.
– Yes. So things are kind of
getting off, but the cooks are doing
amazing right now. You can tell that they have
true experience. – That food looks amazing.
– You should’ve saw last night, ’cause that ( bleep )
looked like a dumpster fire. – Oh, no.
– That looked like
a prostitute’s vagina. ( laughter, chattering ) Looked like worn out labia.
That shit was not okay. – Peach sour.
– Ginger shandies. – Ginger shandy, ginger shandy.
– I don’t know, guys. This is kind of getting
a little hairy back here. Chris, can you help me
get some of these waitress
tickets down, please? I was hoping for Chris
to jump back here
and know ( bleep ), and he’s just– he’s made
a bigger mess for us. It’s ( bleep ) annoying
because this is where
our liquor cost is going. Are these clean or dirty? – I don’t know.
– Chris is doing this mess. – Chris, this was the table
to take care of.
– Yeah. – How long ago
did we order our food?
– 22 minutes ago. ( bleep ) It was easier being a cop. This is a train wreck. – Welcome to my ( bleep ) world.
– Right? Jesus Christ. – Oy.
– Chris! Can you grab
some ice downstairs? – Chris,
when you get a second–
– Falling behind. Hi this is John tapper. Click here to suscribe to
Paramount Network on youtube. For more Bar Rescue.


  1. In the State of Texas, an individual can’t have more than two drinks at once. So they should have took his first two drinks to T-Pain, then started his food. In the State of Texas of course.

  2. Chris said it was easier being a cop. I don’t think people realize how hard restaurant and service work is.

  3. That's insane… No bar in the word has that many people coming in at once and give a good service… It's completely ridiculous.

  4. We all know t pain famous for his hit I'm In love with a stripper which is supposed to be about his girl, ummmm I hope and pray that's not the "stripper" you were talking about

  5. Jon: "You only need to manage this one table. If you can't manage one table you don't need to manage a restaurant"
    Table: "I'll have one of everything"
    Doesn't really seem fair

  6. Tpain and his wife are so ADOREABLE 😍😍😍Looks like Teddy pender wants a lil bit if the bar rescue fame haha this like his second appearance 😆

  7. I missed Bar Rescue!!!!! I'm glad to see T-Pain and his lovely wife….he seem so happy with her❤️

  8. The bars on bar rescue have always been more of a bar and grill type. The bars ive been to have had very limited menus

  9. Delivers the food runs down the stairs running his hands down those DIRTY RAILINGS Then goes and cooks more food without WASHING HIS HANDS 😂😂😂😂

  10. Ok, As a recovering bar manager that will likely invest into a bar when I return to the states?

    My first question is…

    1. Why didn’t you install a dumb waiter? This will save on employee hardship, food loss, and time “all in.”
    2. Drinking shots from bones? Cheese and @#$%ing Rice… Are we trying to bring back Viking awesomeness or sell a business here? Drinking shots from a bone is seriously @#$%ed up. You’re real friends with PETA aren’t you? Lolololol
    3. Anything your bartender has to light on fire takes anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds longer to prepare. I hope there is a dollar amount attached to that extra time in preparation.

  11. T-pain has some nice ass chocolate skin. This is why minding your business and staying out of drama is beneficial

  12. For you T-Pain fans, he did a paranormal investigation of his mansion with psychic medium Kim Russo. It's on Dailymotion if you want to watch it. I think it's called The Haunting of T-Pain. If I'm remembering correctly, the paranormal activity was connected to a hearse that he had in his car collection.

  13. If it was you trying todo all that and the way the video was made and cut brought everything to a crazy perspective everyone talking shit. Calling your name narrated in the bad dragging on you. Like how would you feel or look lmbo

  14. John sets unreasonable standards. It's a full restaurant and bar and he think that a table that literally ordered the entire menue should get in in 15 min.. he is an ass

  15. John sets unreasonable standards. It's a full restaurant and bar and he think that a table that literally ordered the entire menue should get in in 15 min.. he is an ass

  16. Tpain dont know shit about working hard at restaurants.He be laughing about how late they are serving hes order when clearly the bar was full.

  17. I'm glad taffer changed the name into a more theme old town sac bar. I'm from sac and been to sactown sports bar…not a sports town in sac all we have are the struggling Sacramento Kings. So I'm excited to go check out the new bar soon

  18. As Jon told Chris how long is T-Pain's and his wife's food order, T-Pain answer "22 minutes ago." 😂. 4:03. He got him.

  19. T pain…or wutever the heck this d list celebritys butt name is..is disrespectful classless and rude!! After seein his wife, I can see why he wants to be with the " Barrrrtenderr" loser!! What an embarrassment!!

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