Stress fractures and running wearables: The mistake that could mean injuries

So the key thing to understand is that
the force under your foot, the ground reaction force, is not the force on the
bones, muscles and joints in your body. So we conducted an experiment where we had 10
runners come into the lab and we had them run across a range of speeds and
slopes. We were able to use different sensors to capture their motion and the
force between the foot and the ground. There’s a really strong interest from
the NFL Players Association to use technology in a smart way to help
prolong the careers of the athletes. This type of tool may even help us
identify when the risk of injury starts to increase so we can modify practice
times. I know the frustration and difficulty that is associated with
being injured and sidelined when you’d rather be out competing. If we can take
wearable sensors, integrate them into people’s shoes or socks in some way that
can inform them that they’re at risk of injury, I think that would be a huge win
for recreational runners, for elite runners, for other professional sports
teams and for people in different occupations that are at high risk for
stress fractures.

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