STORM time is TEAM time by Alain Goudsmet – Mentally Fit – Lockdown Energy Tapes #1

Men, women and children are confined at home.
In the context of safety first. How to effectively combine business continuity,
family time and personal recovery? It’s a very complex equation to solve! The Lockdown Energy Tapes and the Mentally Fit
coaches will bring you simple and practical advices on self-management, self-leadership,
and energy management. Many managers tell me that they are exhausted
at the end of the day. Working time, family time and recovery time
are constantly mixed and confused. This confusion is generating a lot of junk time. – Daddy, some time to play a game?
– Yes, coming! Many managers today can not really differentiate
working time and family time. And family time and recovery time is frequently
polluted by the obsession of productivity. While watching a movie, responding to emails.
Checking LinkedIn while cooking. Recording a video while playing table tennis. Stop being productive during your time out. Stop feeling guilty when you recover. Storm time is energy time. Beside your personal energy, it’s important to
stimulate and to boost collective energy. It’s even more important to stay connected with
your peers, your colleagues and your team mates. And of course we need connecting tools, devices. During storm time it’s important that all eyes are
turned to the captain of the ship. But the captain of the ship during lockdown
is absent, is not visible. So how to stay out of sight,
but not out of mind and not out of heart? It’s important that as remote leader you compensate
physical proximity by more emotional proximity. Physical proximity will not be possible,
but emotional connection will be possible. So to create trust and confidence, it will be important
to connect as much as possible with your people. So stay connected, listen, call them.
And when you connect it’s not just an audio call, it could be a video conference. Because video helps
us to also transmit your feelings and emotions through body language.
Show your face, show your face. Show your heart, show your feelings.
Transmit your emotions, transmit your energy! Feelings are contagious. Laughing is contagious. As a remote leader, it will be important for you
really to stay connected with your people. Of course we can not change reality.
COVID is there, health is treathened. The lockdown will be our reality for many weeks
and for maybe some months. But we can change our perception of the reality! By changing your perception of the reality, the mindset,
the behaviour we can also change the mood and the energy of our colleagues and of our teams. We know it will not be a sprint,
it’s going to be a marathon. It will be a matter of resistance and endurance. We need to prepare ourselves and
our teams for the marathon. Mentally Fit will help you along the way with tips
and tricks about storm leadership, remote coaching and personal energy management. Our Lockdown Energy Tapes will boost you, your team
and your organisation during these tough times. Together, shoulder to shoulder, at 1,5m distance
we will overcome these tough times. Keep in touch and stay safe and strong!

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