Staying strong amidst the storm. April 2020 Energy Forecast. Coronavirus special.

There’s a lot of intensity
all around us right now. You’re affected by the
effects of coronavirus and so is everybody else. Now, I’ve been watching
the energy field come in for the month of April and I don’t have great news
to share with you, I’m afraid. The energy that’s coming
in, and I did warn you, in the energy forecast last month the energy that’s coming in
in April is really intense. It’s an energy that’s crashing around. It doesn’t offer much stability. Although, there are some
positives to it as well. My name is Prune Harris
and I’m an energy expert. I’ve been able to see
energy since I was born and right now I’m interested
in sharing with you what the energy of April is
about, in all of its fullness and how you can meet it. How you can actually
manage what’s coming up. Now right now, we’re in the middle of the coronavirus experience and my goodness it’s
hitting everyone of us in very many different ways. So, when it comes to
the human energy field, the energy of April that’s coming in, is one that really affects
your system in a way that makes you feel pressure. Many of you will be feeling
pressure anyway, right now. In order to respond to the
social impact of coronavirus and yet, that need for stability, that need to respond in your balance is going to be called
even more into question. When pressure comes into
the human energy field it literally begins to push on us and especially when it’s
held in this cosmic arena that is coming in right now. So, your energy field will beginning to be pressing on you physically and you’re going to
respond in certain ways. One way would be that actually
you just feel overwhelmed. You feel like everything is
beginning to collapse in on you. Even breathing can feel
like it’s a big effort. For some of you, you’re
going to meet that pressure by trying to push it off, and that might show up
in ways of big outbursts, feeling frustrated or angry at things, and that extreme of trying
to withstand the pressure and then trying to push
it away, of course, can lead to you being very ungrounded. Also feeling very disconnected and with the social distancing that is being advised right
now with self-isolation. Then actually that ability to
feel safe, to feel connected, is going to be really compromised. Now the great news is
that if you are conscious of how to work with your energy field, then you can continue to
help your system adapt so that actually you
can find your balance. You can find your resilience,
and you can even find your joy in this intensity. I’ve put together two videos. Each showing various techniques for you to be able to
really meet this energy that’s coming in and I
want to say right now that already the energy behind this one. The energy for May is
looking a bit more spacious. So take a deep breath and
just really feel that. Actually, as I keep
talking about the energy that’s coming in, I want you all ready to be working with an exercise. On your head, on your forehead,
you’ve got amazing points. In some cultures, they’re called the “Oh My God” points. Because we know them, when we’re stressed. “Oh no!” Or ” Oh my God!” So these points are great
when you’re able to hold them. And you can hold them either with one hand and you could put your other hand somewhere else on your body, or you can hold them with
two hands if you want. You’re only going to hold them gently. When you hold these points, you invite your energy system
and your circulatory system to actually relieve stress from the body and to bring blood back to the forebrain so that you can actually begin to process. We move it out of the hindbrain
or the reptilian brain, that governs fight, flight, and freeze and we bring it into this frontal brain so that actually you’re able to process. You’re already able to ground more. So let’s do that as I’m talking, and if you’re sitting down
you could rest your elbows on the table or on your knees. If you’re lying down
and listening to this, then pop some pillows
underneath your arms. Because I’m standing
I’m just going to place my other hand on my abdomen. It may be that you want
to place it on your heart. But even as we’re talking about this energy that’s coming in, this is a great healing
and balancing technique. So let’s just take a breath here. (inhales) and release that breath. (exhales) And another one. (inhales) (exhales) and one more. (inhales) One of the big themes
of this month of April is how do you hold fast in
the middle of this storm? Maybe you have many thoughts already to the answer to that question. There’s amazing, amazing things going on within communities at every level. Reaching out, supporting each other, live concerts on social media. Amazing ways that people are
looking how to connect into and looking how to anchor, anchor yourself in the kind of stormy weather
that we’re all experiencing. So being able to ground
into your own energy system. Ground into your own wisdom’s very, very important right now. And anytime you’re feeling
like you’re moving into fear, moving into overwhelm, then just coming back to this position is amazing to reset your
entire energy system and to keep yourself able
to access your own vitality. Take another great breath here. (inhale) (exhale) Good. Now I’m going to relax my hands so I can talk and you are, I would really invite you keep your hands there. Really help your system find
its own equilibrium again. One of the things that this energy field that’s coming in is supporting
is that big pressure, the big collective fear that’s coming in. Anytime there’s a lot of
fear in our human society we pick up on it. We are not isolated. And then when a big energy system like April comes in, as well. It can really, kind of, roll
and toss that fear all around. So anytime you feel like
you’re suddenly impacted by a drop in your energy field. Anytime you feel like suddenly your heart has left the system. That you suddenly feel
overwhelmed, frightened, depleted, struggling then come back to that exercise because it will begin to
restore your own resiliency. Your own field. So that actually that collective fear can lift away from you. Now there’s a few other exercises I want to share with you here. One of the things we want to
do is release the pressure and open up space. Yeah, keep that as a
premise for amazing ways to meet this energy of
April that’s coming in. So, for example, I can’t
show you on the video. But it would be great for you
to suddenly get up and run up your stairs and run down and again. Or run on the spot really well. Anything that is a short,
sharp burst of energy is going to lift your own
energy field back into itself. Is going to practice, really
in a very conscious way, that expanding and
contraction that is a very, very natural way for
your energy field to be. But when we’re in a month
of massive pressure, like we’re about to be in. Then your system can begin
to fold under that pressure instead of remaining able to flex. So we’re going to do another exercise. Obviously if you’re running up and down stairs be careful, as well. Yeah, let’s do this exercise. You’re going to come in and make yourself as small as you can. Really hug yourself tight and close. Now as you breathe in, (inhale) you’re going to expand
and make your chest, your arms as big as you can. Now as you breathe out, let’s
come right back in again. Allow your system to really tuck in. If you are experiencing fear or overwhelm this is where you just embrace it. And now breathing in again. Let’s expand your lungs, your chest. Smile a big, big, big smile. Come in again. One more time as you breathe in, you’re going to open
your arms to the world, your heart to the world. Smile your smile for everybody to feel. For everybody to be affected by. Lovely, that feels great for my system. One last one. Many more in my next video, yeah, but one last one here. Come to the center of your forehead, yeah. This third eye area and
you’re going to take either your first finger
or your second finger, whichever one feels good. And you’re going to draw across that. You’re going to keep drawing it. And actually, my favorite way
is to bring both my fingers up and just keep drawing that cross in. It’s amazing for sealing
your own strength. Sealing your own energy. Because this month is a month to have your energetic
shield really strong, and then within that
strength you’ve got space. You can smile. You can expand. You can be the light that this
entire world needs right now. Fabulous. I really, really
hope that those exercises help you feel your strength and help you feel your joy as we enter this pretty intense time. Come to my website where I’ve also got my next video that actually shows a beautiful, beautiful way for you
to increase your courage in this challenging time and work to release limiting patterns. Thanks so much for joining me. I wish you every strength this April. Bye-bye.


  1. Thank you for your kind comments and for connecting in with this powerful work. This is quite the time we are moving through, isn't it? We'll respond to comments as much as possible through this time.

    With love,
    Jennifer Archibald
    Community Support Manager

  2. Hi, dear Prune! I am from Brazil, and things are really tough here. I have an 84 – year- old father who lives with me, and it is pretty scary. Thank you so much for your wonderful and encouraging videos.

  3. Thank you so much. I love the feel of hands tucked under the armpits. So relaxing. And the exercise with the affirmation is so healing and lovely. Thank you💜⚘🙏

  4. So empowering – I love the relevant specific ideas for this present time Gifts 🎁 One can receive and put into action…………I am spending about an hour a day with these Energy Exercises for about 6 months now and it is Life Changing… Much Gratitude……..

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