St John Ambulance Everyday Heroes Awards

We are acknowledging those that have
done amazing things – normal people, you know, and that have just – you know they do know the basics of first aid and they responded and they’ve saved life. It’s very inspiring. It’s amazing. There’s so many good people in these categories tonight, it’s absolutely fantastic to win something like this. They’re everyday heroes, they’re people that have saved lives. I got to a lot of events where people get awards for being the best singer or having the best music video but these awards are important because it’s saving a human’s life. That’s really important, and it’s really nice that these unsung heroes get a night to celebrate. And thank goodness he knew life saving skills, because otherwise, his sister wouldn’t be here today. I’ll just take away just the warm
feeling that I’ve had from tonight really. I think that every school should
put significant funding behind this because at the end of the day, so many lives could be saved just by knowing the very basics of first aid.

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