St John Ambulance Everyday Heroes Awards 2016 – Highlights

Myleene Klass: I think events like this are so important, because these are people who deserve the recognition for doing things in the face of adversity that are just petrifying. Not many people get tested, and yet, when they are, can you step up to the mark? It just shows that some people who deem themselves ordinary people are actually extraordinary. They do extraordinary things. Dr Lionel Jarvis: Even someone like me, who has been a doctor all my life, thinks, ‘Could I have done that?’. Well done them. Steve Overton: I think the main priority here is to really raise awareness – simple acts can make such a big difference to life and death. Hannah Spearritt: It’s been a really, really emotional evening, actually some really amazing stories, amazing guys, girls. Louisa Lytton: The main thing is they really want to raise money and awareness to put this education into schools. And it’s not until this evening where I’ve thought, ‘Why are we not being taught first aid at a young age?’ Luke Tester: A year ago, almost to the day, I was at an event where 50 metres away from me, a patient collapsed in cardiac arrest. And without St John Ambulance there providing me with the skills and equipment I had, he might not have made it. Bradley Knight: I’ve done something that I think everybody should to be able to do but obviously everybody can’t. Beth Chesney Evans: Hopefully, thanks to people like Bradley, more young people will now learn first aid and be able to help look after each other in an emergency. Sue Killen: It’s a great evening, it’s a fun evening, but with a really serious message. First aid should be taught in every school, available in every workplace. Everybody should learn first aid. And if that happened, lives would be saved.

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