St John Ambulance Everyday Heroes 2015 – Ronda Prudhoe

It was late one evening and my husband
came home from work. As soon as he came in i realised there was something wrong.
He’s quite annoyed, agitated, seemed irritated at everything. He then became
quite sensitive to light and at this point I realised it wasn’t a normal hypo. It’s true what they say that time actually does slow down. He very very
quickly deteriorated from a hypo into something more serious and
life-threatening as well. When his face twisted to the side in the seizure, I could actually see his tongue going down the back of his throat so that was what
prompted me that he needs to go into the recovery position. I did have a big
struggle to make him actually go into or on his front and then onto his side
and I actually said to him, ‘Don’t – don’t die.’ You’ve got that person’s life in your
hands. And you’ve got to make the right decision to save them. When he had the seizure and he started to choke,
you realise that this is life and death. There was no waiting around for anybody
else to help, I had to just do it. That was where the training kicked in. If it wasn’t for Ronda being there, I wouldn’t be here today and I’m glad that she’s had the training, as she saved my life. It’s just so important that people have some sort of training of this
description. I do believe it actually saved my husband’s life.


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