Slamigan to the Rescue – Chicago Fire


  1. "Maybe you should get a real firefighter for that"
    I thought this show was about saving people from fire not roasting them.

  2. No wonder it didn't work, it was just a piece of metal fitted on the end of a wood shaft. In fact, it looks like it just slid off, as if the only thing holding it was some glue, no splint or wedge to hold it in place. No, something tells me they didn't properly stresstest it. And question 2 is: who designed the Halli Hammer? Was it someone with lots of experience in the applicable field, or was it designed by a bunch of designers with budget and appearances in mind, and no real knowledge about things such as force, material stress, structural complexity limits (How complex the complete object can be. How many different parts are in the product, and what the weakest link is), and functionality?

  3. dall'Italia vi vedo con molto affetto purtroppo qui in Alessandria in Piemonte per colpa di un delinquente sono morti tre vigili del fuoco tre meraviglie di persone Marco Matteo e Antonino ci hanno lasciato e noi italiani siamo vicini alle loro famiglie e li ringraziamo per il loro lavoro verso il popolo grazie ragazzi che Dio vi riposa🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  4. Go on Cruz 👨🏽‍🚒 you show em how it's done 😁 Slammigan for life 💪👏 also can't forget Brett as the Slammigan wouldn't have survived without her knowledge (Girl Power 👩‍⚕️🦸‍♀️). Otis would be super proud of his brother 👍🏼 & his fellow Firefighters for supporting him 🤝.

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