Seth Rollins stands up to Brock Lesnar despite injury: Raw, Aug. 5, 2019


  1. Ok so he was limping down the ramp as if he couldn't walk, as soon as he stepped in the ring, he ran.
    WWE Explain

  2. No one wants to see Face Rollins, let alone see a Face Rollins win at SS. And being mugged by Brock helps no one. The only thing that save Rollins now is a HUGE heel turn, As in "Haymen turning on Brock (wont happen) while Rollins is eating live kittens and crapping on the the Canadian flag" huge heel turn

  3. I know everyone hates Brock but it would be refreshing to see him go out there and just destroy Seth. He does it to actual legit guys but for some reason Seth always gets the one up on him, doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

  4. 1:13 Rollins could barely walk to the ring let alone get inside the ring but is able to charge at lesnar full speed. At least keep it consistent. Hope lesnar beats the Babyface outta Rollins.

  5. Rollins golden era was when he won the title at mania and stole the title from Roman and LESNAR… a hell….as a face I never liked Seth Rollins….since he returned he is boring please give him the blond hair and make him heel

  6. You POEPLE don’t get it,Rollins s character is that of the guy who gets murdered weak after weak and then wins….just like Bryan s old character that made him a star

  7. Let Seth write his own lines or give him GOOD lines! Poor dude is receiving unnecessary heat bc of the creative team.

  8. So Seth is the guy who beat Lesnar at WrestleMania? This is horrible booking. I like Brock but this "fued" is horrible. I know this isn't boxing but Brock should pretty much only face heavyweights like Braun and Bobby Lashley unless it's someone whose gonna give him a run for his money. Even AJ styles did that against him but I can't remember a time when Rollins won clean against him.

  9. Is Seth a masochist? Like last week he already bleed….

    Edit: dang Seth just drop some word of wisdom in this episodes

  10. I want Becky and Seth to be the new Edge and Lita, Becky go full heel, low blow Brock and Seth to curb stomp him to oblivion

  11. Seth’s heel days were his best character work EVER in my opinion, he was showing real face potential early last year but bad scripts and opponents are screwing with him. He needs to turn heel again!

  12. man brock lesnar should be suspended and stripped of the wwe universsal championship and fined for injuring seth rollins

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  14. I am the side of ROLLINS
    And I want that In Summer Slam 2019 SETH ROLLINS become THE NEW WWE UNIVERSAL CHAMPION AGAIN

  15. I remember a few months ago Rollins cut a promo off air about how he was thankful for all the fans and classic face cheesiness and all the fans cheered crazy for him and were saying that Rollins has so much charisma and deserves to be the face of the company. Now he’s here doing the exact same thing and the fans are booing him. Literally no faces of the company are safe anymore, as soon as you’re given the belt and booked as a Star the fans turn on you in a dime. I bet they would’ve done the same thing to Bryan if his title reign after Wrestlemania 30 had lasted longer.

  16. Remember paul heyman say Seth Rollins is most dangerous opponents for brock lesnar for wrestlemania to summer slam 2019 ❤😊

  17. I don’t understand why Paul acts surprised when Brock is viciously tearing up Seth…I mean…U MADE THAT MONSTER RIGHT?

  18. That awkward moment when you get beaten so hard you have no choice but switch Career into a motivational speaker.

  19. Dunno what you're all talking about. This is my favourite version of Seth Rollins: melodramatic, low-energy take on Ron Burgundy trapped in a glass case of emotion; crowd so disengaged that they're not even feeling their own 'what?' chant. Ring attire: grey jeans and no top. Even his hair looks washed but not feeling it. Hilarious promo.

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