Senate Passes $2 Trillion Coronavirus Emergency Relief Bill | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. Jesus Christ, WHAT is it gonna take to be RID of the REDCOATS in Congress?
    BOTH "sides"…..
    Its ONE vulture

  2. It could take up to four months for some Americans to get mere $1,500 I promise all these corporations will get paid in 24 hours.

  3. Trump's numbers are rising while your only candidate Dementia Joe is growing more confused by the hour! LOL! If Biden were to swim around a fish bowl would he remember he already did that on lap 2?

  4. The fact that even republicans knew they had to put in a clause that prevented t'rump from filling his own pockets is quite telling. I guess they're aware that t'rump collected $150,000 in federal grants after 9/11 even though it was meant for small businesses and none of his buildings were damaged. Yup, that's right. The guy republicans voted for profited off 9/11.

  5. "We won with poorly educated, I love the poorly educated!"
                      – Trump, 2016

    Trump supporters: i dun no wut dat means but make america grate agen 2020!!!1!

  6. Ya we wont see it till is due now, ppl are starving now.. people are dying from the lack of supplies there has got to be a better and faster way to get that money out to ppl.. just crazy how if they say this will be over by easter why send the check since we I guess wont see it till may?? Like really real life people need it now we dont get paid like a president or one of his staffers or one of his senators we are hourly workers alot of us and well idk there just should have had to be a better way for us Americans who work our butts off for our money to not have to go thru this crap.. sorry but some of those senators thier ignorant remarks about nurses and American people made me really mad bc they dont even know what work is like for a nurse or dr, or some of us hourly ppl and they will never know so to say stupid hurtful crap just shows so much character in this crazy time..its sad how much America is changing with just a few ppl on top.. 😔

  7. Whoever is reading be calm and do not fear. You will overcome this. It doesnot matter what's happening all around you. Be strong and firm

  8. These large corporations aren't even owned by America. Let that settle in. Our Tax money to help other countries.

  9. When you need a global pandemic for americans do receive socialist policies and care…

    I wonder if the right will deny the money from the relieve fund. It's state interventionism and socialist in nature. That would be against all they've been talking about for decades.

  10. 🔊Thanks to Bernie!!!!! 🔊
    America be wise and vote for Bernie.
    Media stop being dishonest about and smearing Bernie.
    Bernie / Nina Turner 🔥🌶💥🌶🔥
    ❗Joe Biden is dishonest about:❗❗
    being arested during the apartheid and visiting Mandela. Joe was at the wrong site in the civil rights movement. He spoke at the funeral of one of America's biggest rascist :Strom Thurmond. Opposed school integration in the 1970s. Joe Biden was totally for seperation. He voted for the wars. Voted for the Crime Bill. Voted for NAFTA USMCA and PTA. Tried to freeze social security multiple times. He touches people without consent. He is against women. He does not think women own their own bodies. PLAGIARISM made him drop out the 1988 presidential race. During his campaign Joe lied to old people about Bernie's Medicare4All. And he would veto it, if he becomes president. Also he doesn't tell the Americans that he has dementia.
    Want to know really about Joe?
    Green black logic
    Trump mocks Biden already:
    🔊Biden is not going to give you Medicare4All
    he will veto against it.
    Biden is bragging about freezing Social Security:🔊
    Christo Aivalis with a video clip Biden will stop Medicare4All!😱
    Type in for way more: joe biden social security 1995
    Joe Biden is weird lately:
    Want to know really about Joe?

  11. So many people are dying cause of the Chinese – I hope they feel our pain, when the disease started in China, they didn’t tell the world and kept it a secret , nobody likes the Chinese or wants them , in our countries, has nothing to do with being racist – it’s just the facts. The whole world is angry at China right now

  12. Suddenly, there are billions and trillions all can be found out of the thin air. But when Bernie suggested some good spending on social programs, it was always "how do you pay for it?" Well, well, how are they going to pay for this now?

    I am eagerly awaiting this question to be asked endlessly now by the establishment and their cohort media on both sides.

  13. Thursday, March 26, 2020
    The two trillion is only a down payment. The total bailout might be twenty-five trillion or higher. And this massive DEFICIT spending will push the national DEBT total to 45-50 trillion before 2022… not including unfunded obligations totaling 250 trillion or higher. Needless to say… none of this preliminary $timulus package will prevent a major economic depression lasting at least 10 years.

    Let's hope I'm wrong… but I am an excellent money manager and a $avvy investor. My stepfather was a bankster. I know this $tuff. Chances are high my prognosis is not wildly inaccurate. In fact… my numbers might be understated.

    I can't blame Donald Trump, the "brawler President", for this mess. What's happening is far bigger than Trump… and the genesis for the current ongoing crisis started way back in 1972 when Nixon took the dollar off the gold standard. Then things accelerated when the corrupt Clinton regime pushed Daddy Bush's NAFTA… and also stupidly eliminated the 1934 Glass-$teagle Act back in 1999. The latter insanity rang every alarm bell in my camp. That's when I liquidated 99% of my third party portfolio for 'tangibles' and became a serious prepper.

  14. Republicans all have said that there was NO money for education nor Medicare for All, but now there's enough for corporate welfare?

  15. Trump feels he is in his ungrateful Fathers graces, when he tries to do a better job as his Dad, but can't bc he is way dumber, than his Dad. He can't even read the instructions on how to tie a shoe!


  17. "And now Trump will spend on
    FaceBook { corruption }
    Twitter { corruption }
    Trump lunacy { corruption } "

  18. WOW!!! So if randomly testing a large population 50% testing positive is asymptomatic then it won’t be contained but only aim to flatten the curve, then there is double the reported cases worldwide and half the mortality rate, and that projection of 70% of all people will get the virus sounds right, people should be told this more directly as Angela Merkle and other experts are referring, to create awareness and reduce fear to get back to normal life ASAP as those at high risk take precautions, so the economic hit won’t get more people sick or dead, as the Netherlands is doing; hopefully the stimulus packages support the hit as much as possible, quickly scale the health Infrastructure needed and effective treatments until a vaccine is deployed, to speed up getting back to normality

  19. MSNBC Spreading fear
    Its just Social Engineering
    Social Perception Control

  20. You’re watching with 2 trillions and nobody is desinfecting any city let’s do a law you desinfect your streets every home or business owner millions will never help to cleanse viruses

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