Sen. Schumer Breaks Down Massive Coronavirus Aid Package | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. What a deal!
    For the rich.
    Shumer is a joke, how does he think 1200 one time is going to get anyone through months of no work? This is a joke and we need to vote out every single politician that is for this deal. Republican and Democrat. Biden and Trump are just about the same person at this point. Both of them are in the pocket of Wall Street so if those are my choices I'm writing in Bernie.

  2. Where's the money coming from. China? Lol. People need help not pork barrel spending as usual. This will affect generations, financially to come.

  3. The quick plan, 4 days and counting on when people are going to get their money, Schumer acts like he and the democratic party "alone" put this Bill together! Trump has been talking about the workers from the get-go!. I've gotten some of the Democrat's Wish List for the Bill: Some of these items were not mentioned – the $25,000,000, (instead of $35,000,000) for the Kennedy Center; Increases for Congressional salaries; money for illegal immigration; money for open borders; money for the green new deal; money for unemployment that encourages to people collect unemployment and not have to work. So, they aren't going to give any business money that have any political ties. Does that mean, all you people that work for business owned by a politician? Nancy and company are holding this Bill hostage another day from the American worker.

  4. Corporations like Boeing!!!!!!!! People first, only 1 x payment, all this money for corporations and what no of oversight . Republicans will get around this. Vote republicans out along with corporate democrats

  5. Schumer isn't just rotten…He's putrid….almost as bad as Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Clinton and Waters…All scum-buckets. On the other hand, Biden is merely senile, and has never had a dollop of common sense.

    God help America….

  6. I don't even qualify being a hard working "American" what in the world does 1,200 dollars do for anyone? The middle class is screwed yet again. Thank you for pushing taxes until July, that will surely help. I'll pay you what I will owe in taxes, so that you can pay people that were making 15 an hour 24 dollars to stay home and milk it for 4 months. What a deal!

  7. This is very likely going to be a lot more trillions coming up. This mess created by the lack of urgency from our government.

  8. Guys pray & give your life to Jesus Christ now! This world is getting worse and worse ! Repent and turn to him before itโ€™s to lateโ™ฅ๏ธ Jesus loves you ! He loves you so much that he died for you๐Ÿ’• love you guys byee๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

  9. That's because there's a shadow implementation by Kushner to ramp up implementation of ventilators and PPE. Trump didn't even do it. It was the demands of Gov Cuomo that pushed this out into the open. Kushner out for himself.

  10. Small business loans? What a joke, borrowing money when you're not earning it bc of a necessary government shut down… and then there is a loan ( he stumbled over it) of 'small or no interest?' What a joke! this is like indentured slavery! Do the corporates have to pay it back too with interest?

  11. if you ain't sick with virus with a doctor owers or eject with the cocnrvirius will not get money you have to stay inside until 4months

  12. Amazed at the persistence at your encouragement to all folks helping out shout outs are so helpful at a highly super natural perhaps truly Biblically inspired ordained ' time such as this' thank you

  13. If they want to make BUSINESS MONEY they shouldn't be doing PUBLIC SERVICE, Joe. If Trump would've "divorced himself" from his businesses like he should've.. it'd be okay. He wouldn't. Screw him and Mnuchin and Chao.. SERVICE or MONEY. They can't have both.

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