Schaltbau – Contactors and safety switches for solar energy, wind power and energy storage

renewable energy will shape our future at SCHALTBAU
we manufacture switchgear for the energy transition. Why? To provide you with
benefits and greater safety. As a long-standing specialist for DC and AC
applications you benefit from our experience with solar energy, wind power
and energy storage. Thanks to our high quality switchgear solutions. Snap action switches: with positive opening and VDE certification for high-precision
monitoring of wind and photovoltaic systems. DC contactors: compact
bi-directional devices with high braking capacity for combiner boxes, large
inverters and battery storage. AC contactors reliably disconnect
three-phase inverters from the network. SCHALTBAUs comprehensive competence
covers three aspects. Consulting: decades of experience in developing and
manufacturing electromechanical switchgear make us your expert partner.
Applications: numerous applications provide analogies and experience
enabling us to find the right solution for your specific situation. You always
receive a suitable and efficient solution. Product: we offer standardized
products, adaptable special designs and complete new developments tailored to
your needs. Renewable energies with SCHALTBAU: connect, contact, control.

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