Savannah Guthrie Explains How Her Eye Was Injured (By Son Charley!) | TODAY


  1. My husband suffered a detached retina couple of years ago and it's bad he had a major surgery to save his eye so I hope Savannah stays home and does not do the parade . Good luck get well soon

  2. I expirienced this last April and it was the scare of my life. My husband threw a huge gasp when he saw my eye on the Drs computer. Listening Savannah describing it and I'm here telling my hubby "that's exactly how it happened to me!" Happily, my awesome retinologist did two excellent rounds of laser and except for a lil floater that its invisible when I use my glasses, my eye was saved 🙌🏽 Wishing Savannah a total and quick recovery 🙌🏽

  3. Savannah don’t go to parade! I worked in hospital and you need to be still. Ask your doctor no lifting heavy toddlers. Trauma and work injuries cause retinal tears. Anatomy eye issues can cause it too. Praying for you! Full recovery! ❤️

  4. Sorry to hear about your eye injury Savannah. Saw on show this am. I had full detachment right eye and tear in left. Major surgery for right and laser left. That was 8/20/19. I can see again but will never be the same. Don't push it. Rest is best. Your eyesight is priceless. Thinking of you, best wishes for your recovery. 😎

  5. Today give my prayers out from Norfolk, Virginia United States of America I watch Today on NBC Channel 10 I am a fan of the 3rd hour of Today and Today comes on at 7am to 9pm eastern standard time Matthew Age 37 !!!!

  6. You need to be a little more stern with the kid You don't allow them to do whatever they want to do.You are responsible for spoiling your kid hence this.

  7. Savannah, you should have stayed in bed. You were terrible as usual.
    A high school A/V team could have done a better job.
    Under the stewardship of Savannah, the Today Show has become irrelevant.

  8. So sad that savannas son prodly takes full credit for her injury, She said she was on the phone with her mom and and her son came running into the room and said I did it as though it was something great, kids should be taught not to throw objects at other people . I hope this event don't end her broadcasting career, like the dog that bite the journalists lips years back.

  9. I cannot believe all these disrespect comments. She did not request an eye injury. This is not an indication that she is a crappy parent or an invitation for you to shred her as a broadcaster or mother. Is compassion really this scarce? Jeez. Happy Thanksgiving to you too…

  10. You know NBC lies about everything . I think Matt Lauer popped her a good one because she didn't succumb to his wishes .
    Thats what an anonymous source told me .

  11. Get better, Savannah! Ignore all the hate comments below. Just an old geezer recommending to gently let your child know what happened by talking to his cute little self in an adult like manner, so he’s more careful and learns compassion.

  12. That kid has to be some kind of a sociopath for his mother to put him on blast like that. I don’t know any mom that wouldn’t make up a story to cover for their kids butt at their own expense.

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  14. Reading these comments people are awful and super judge mental. I want to know what parent in the world hasn’t had a child at some point throw a toy at them? No matter what u do or who you are kids are kids and kids throw toys. Wishing you well Savannah! Theres nothing wrong with your parenting or your child he’s being a child.

  15. My brother was 4 when he filled a squirt gun with kerosene & shot me in the eyes with it repeatedly.
    Some kids arent naturally nice.

  16. SAVANNAH, I'm so glad your doing well. I will be praying for your complete recovery. 💜 You have a beautiful family . 💟💖

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