Sarah and Poppy – Hero Parent of the Year finalist – St John Ambulance Everyday Heroes Awards

It was a Sunday evening. James, my partner, and Poppy were at the table in the lounge. I was in the kitchen tidying up and
then all of a sudden I heard James say to Poppy, ‘Don’t don’t put all that in
your mouth because you’ll choke!’ and at that point that’s exactly what happened, she started to choke. Poppy was gasping and she couldn’t breathe and so James shouted for me for help. I ran in, picked Poppy up with one arm, gave her three back slaps and on the third back slap this brown ball of mashed potato came out of
her mouth and then she just cried and cried. I did a three-day First Aid at Work course through my company that
I work for, and it was the third day that Pete had taught us about choking and what what to do if it happened. What is the easiest way to find out if somebody’s choking?
Ask them. What are you going to ask them? ‘Are you choking?’ That’s pretty much it. It was about ten days after I passed the course that this incident actually
happened. Looking back now, I was in more of a panic, but from what I’d learned through St John, it just
kicked in naturally – I knew what to do. What happened to Poppy is proof that even
basic first aid skills can save somebody’s life whether that be a member
of your family or a stranger in the street. You could be the difference
between life or death. Without first aid and St John teaching
first aid, my daughter wouldn’t be here today.

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