Samuel is homeless in Los Angeles and suffers from mental illness.


  1. God just breaks my heart to see homeless people. We need to take care of our homeless before non Americans and illegals who are sucking off tax payer money!

  2. His situation might have caused him to suffer from emotional changes that he cannot deal with. He also would have depression with malnutrition altogether. He looks like a cute boy . I mean I am to talk about his inner mind.

  3. Strange he didn't wish for money! Money solves a lot of problems, not everything, but it'll definitely get ya off the street! Good luck, Samuel. Hope you get enough money soon.

  4. I know him. Saw him every once in a while on my way to school. I loved the concept of him exchanging stuff from his store. 3 weeks ago, I actually talked to him the first time, nice guy however the next day I saw him talking to the police. They told him that he cant have his little store on the side of the street. I havent seen him since. The place he stayed at for a year is now empty. I hope, that one day I will have the resources to find him and other homeless people and help them get back on their feet.

  5. millions of psychiatrist fuc up peoples mind permanetly with the medicine they give to the mentally ill and most of the time they dont tell them that it can cause them severe dibilitating problems like blephorspasm or movement disorders that fuc up your hands where they shake so bad for the rest of your life u cant even feed yourself

  6. there are people with mentall illness that rather live in the street then let the psychiatrist destroy them with the psych meds

  7. It probably doesnt cost Samuel much to live he seems like he lives a simpler existence and if hed get assistance it would be spent properly i hope he has gotten a place or at least out of the elements this is no way for a person to live yet alone be mentally disabled,it would be nice if government would have a guide sent to aid in making disabled people more self sufficient!

  8. having a mental illness myself (i'm paranoid) and being long time unemployed i really feel for this man, i hope he can find a job, a house and can sort things out

  9. Good looking guy😍
    Super sweet too! Hope he's ok. I think that's really cool he's a licensed massage therapist. I really need a massage. I'd pay him good money 😊

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