Rik Nicol – Community Hero – Highly Commended – St John Ambulance Everyday Heroes Awards

It was my day to look after the children, and I’d take them to a place called Tiny Rockers, which is like a soft play centre. Me and the kids were sat having our dinner at my usual table, which is next to the window. I’d looked outside because I could see there was a bit of a commotion going on. There was a lady who was stood there, carrying her baby, but everyone else around her looked a little bit worried. I went over, tried to assist and said, ‘Look, I am an off-duty police officer, I’m first aid trained, would you like me to help?’ And at that point, I managed to get hold of the baby I could see that he was a terrible colour – there was lots of blue to the face, and he just was not breathing. I just remember looking at him and thinking that, just that was it, he was gone And in those split seconds, just prepared myself for the worst. I knew that the ambulance, they were going to be quite some way away so at that point, I needed to do rescue breaths and one or two breaths didn’t really seem to do anything I just remember panicking and thinking, please. I could feel him getting oxygen into his lungs, and it was a massive relief, it really was. The thing that I thought wasn’t going to happen, has just happened – my baby’s life has just been saved. The relief washed over me. There were several responses from other police officers saying ‘It’s PC Rik Nicol’, and gave his contact details. I’d been worried for a couple of days hoping that Kit was alright And it was when she’d called me and we’d had a bit of a chat and she’d told me that the paramedics had said if it wasn’t for my actions then there’s a chance that Kit wouldn’t be here. I just can’t put into words how grateful I am to Rik that he was there that day I think the gratitude that everyone in my family feels to Rik We asked Rik to be Kit’s godfather when Kit was christened recently It was a great honour, and it’s a fine experience that’s come out of something that was quite horrible at the time. To have people who know what to do, and also have that courage to be able to step in and help is just an amazing thing. I think we could probably do with a few more of them, really. Could do with a few more Riks.

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