Relief Society General President Supports Nutrition Program Expansion

[MUSIC PLAYING] A pilot program that
promises to improve nutrition for Filipino families
recently piqued the interest of Sister Jean B. Bingham,
Relief Society General President, during her most
recent visit to the country. There were seven stakes
that are in rural areas that started a pilot. Some of the adults
didn’t think that there was going to be a problem
with their children, and it was very interesting
for them to find out that in fact the children
can be not hungry, but they’re missing
the nutrients. So they tend to feed them
what’s available–rice, bread, those kinds of things that
don’t have a full nutritional profile. 68 of the children were in
the severe malnutrition, and 23 were in the
moderately malnourished. So all of the children
had a need for nutrition. There was one brother who was
a chef at a local restaurant. He grew a garden
with vegetables, but he did not feed
that to his children. When they understood what was
needed and what the impact was, they went to work
right away to fix it. From the very beginning,
the Area Presidency said, “We think this
is very important. Please allow us to
counsel together, have our local leaders find
a way to meet this challenge and to solve this problem.” And so they did. It turned out that
every area had someone with medical backgrounds. Some people had
nutrition; some people had connections
with the government. They came together with
those resources, those people counseling together, and
they created a program that worked for them individually. We’re hoping that we
can expand the program. There are other
areas in the world that have a similar problem. We’ve already identified a
few areas that are possible. We’re hoping that we can take
this–what we’ve learned from the Philippines, those wonderful
people in the Philippines–and share that with other people. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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