Relief Printmaking Print Techniques : Relief Printmaking Ink Mixing

I start off with a bit of white. Say if I
want to make a light yellow, start with white. I’ll add some yellow, and getting used to
these inks, is, takes some time just as it would for any paint. Each ink has different
levels of opacity and transparency, dependent upon their pigment. Whites for example are
more opaque, browns are fairly transparent, and the more that you spend time working with
the inks, you’ll get an idea of the different elements of those inks. Right now, I’m mixing this white in with some
orange, to get a different color. From here, I can choose to like this color, but I don’t,
so, I’m going to add something to give it a little more depth. And so, therefore, I’m
going to put a bit of blue into that ink. Just a touch. One of the things that I do
when I’m printing several layers of ink, is, in order to give it continuity, because it
isn’t a painting, it’s a print and there is going, even though there can be a number of
colors in your print, there’s generally a smaller number of colors and variables than
you would have in a painting. Therefore, I try to add a little bit of one color to each
of the layers of ink, to give it some sort of continuity in the print.

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