Quick Fit With Cassy – Foot Exercises for More Energy

– Hi, I’m Cassy,
and this isQuick Fit, a class designed
to gently stretch and strengthen your whole body. I’m so glad
you’re joining me today because I want you to know
how important the feet are to bringing energy
to your entire body. So, let’s get moving! * In today’s class, all you’ll need is a chair, but I would like you to consider taking off your shoes. If you keep your shoes on, you won’t get full range
of motion in your joints. And that just means
your muscles will be tighter and you’ll continue having pain and this is about pain relief. So, let’s start with your knees stretched out
about a foot apart, and we’ll just lean on the legs to put a little bit of pressure
down through, down through your feet, to make your feet work. Now, as you do this, let’s pull your toes back
so that you have this nice alignment
from the ball of your foot, that big pad under your toe, all the way through your ankle and up to the knee, a nice straight shin. And if you have
very tender feet, then just do a few of the
repetitions that we do today, and repeat the class
fairly often, but with no tension
through your muscles. Just go through everything
very relaxed, and I think you’ll find
that sooner, than later, your feet will
start feeling better and you’ll be able to do
more and more of the repetitions until you can do a whole class
without your shoes. And that really is the goal. If the bottoms of your feet
are very tender, make sure you have a nice mat
or a cushion beneath them. All right. So, let’s cross the legs. And I just want you
to do some nice ankle circles. Great. And reverse. Good. Let’s do some fast points. I call these
the anti-trip exercises. And if you can’t go
as fast as I’m going right now, don’t worry about it. Work on
a full powerful extension. Okay. And now flex. Those little cracks
in the sidewalk or not lifting your feet up,
your legs up completely up over the stairs. I want you to make sure
you’ve got good reflexes, and this is
one of those exercises that’ll warm up
these shins and the foot muscles and help prevent a fall, in case you do trip. All right, now, points and just let this stretch
out here. Don’t forget to breathe. Inhale, exhale. Make sure
you’re pointing those toes. And now, try to keep
your foot pointed, but flex the toes. Just pull the toes up
all by themselves. That one’s a little harder. It takes a little bit more
concentration and cooperation with your muscles to your brain. All right,
now flex the whole foot. Keep them pulled. And now go ahead
and extend the entire leg, pulling your toes towards you, and now, out in front. You can actually pull
on the bottom of the chair if you need to, just to recruit
some more muscles. You can feel this
in your quadriceps and relax. And then,
let’s cross the other knee. And if you can’t get your knees
crossed above the knees, you can always
just do it below the knee or just have your foot
hanging out. Whatever’s comfortable for you. So, start with
these large ankle circles, as big of a circle
as you can do. Don’t rush it. And then reverse. And it’s super common
for one leg to cooperate
more than the other. And if you’re struggling
getting your foot to cooperate, you can always just, you know, start with
having your hand assist. Now, let’s do those fast points. I always imagine I’m ringing
one of those bells on a counter. So, you want
a little bit of force going through there
for some quickness. And now, let’s pull. Pull and hold. And faster. And remember,
speed’s not the point yet. The point at first is just doing the movement, feeling it stretch, reconnecting the muscles
and the brain, that communication. Reconnecting that communication
again. Now do a nice long
point and hold. Now, just try
to pull the toes up without flexing the foot. Stretch your toes around
a little bit, and then,
let’s flex the whole foot, and do a nice extension. I love these isometrics
for the knees, by the way. And then, let it hold. Up, inhale, exhale. Pull on the chair
to recruit some more muscles. Good. Now, let’s scoot
your feet forward and just lift the front
of the feet and the heels. Now keep your feet flat. This is going to be
for those of you who have fallen arches
or plantar fasciitis. Keep the ball of the foot down, and only lift the toes. Good. Relax, and just lift the toes. Relax and just hold the toes up. Very good. Now, lift, keep the heels down, and just make
a gentle fist with the toes. Release. This is like a charley horse waiting to happen. So, just breathe [inhales] and make a light gentle fist
with your toes. All right, next,
we’ll turn in our seat. Turn towards your right,
if you’re mirroring me. And we’re going to work the top of the foot
and some of the shin. Just hook your arm
around the back of the chair, and let your leg hang, and control how much weight you’re putting down
through the top of your feet. This is another place that people in my classes usually will get a charley horse because they’re not used
to having their shoes off, and their feet are very tight. So now, I’d like you to shift that heel right and left, trying to stretch a little bit down through the top
of all your toes, all the way across. Good. And the more you drop your knee, the more of the top of the foot that you can get on the floor. All right. So now,
let’s draw this knee forward, and we’ll just fold
and tuck the toes real gentle, controlling how much weight you put down through your toes. I know there’s, you know, years of wearing shoes
are just gonna make your toes like stuck stiff
at the end of your feet, I’ve seen it a lot, but there is hope. Okay. Just be patient. It might take about six months
or more of consistency to break free
those mineral deposits that have turned your toes
very, very stiff, but once we get them loosened up
and the blood flowing, you will find a lot more energy. All right. Turning the other way. Big inhale, exhale. Being careful how much weight you put down
through the top of your foot, shifting that heel
left and right, and if you get a charley horse, just, you know, stop, take a deep breath, and maybe bring your knee a little bit more forward. And now, gently rocking with the tuck and fold
of your toes. I can’t think of really
any other fitness classes that even pay attention
to the feet and the hands, and it’s a shame because we have so many
joints and muscles in them. So let’s take care of them too so that we can live pain-free and keep doing
all those things we love. I hope you’ve learned a lot
in today’s class. Please come back often
to learn how and why you should
stretch and strengthen to live better longer. And please visit
pbswisconsin.org/quickfitto explore
more classes and exercises. I’ll see you next time!

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