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Hey everybody! Today’s video is something
you have been requesting forever ever and that is pure O OCD (Gasp) I know you’ve been waiting, and here it is! *Intro Music* So what is pure O OCD? Well, it’s just what it sounds like to be
honest right OCD is obsessive compulsive disorder if we’re talking purely O I mean that’s only the obsessive portion not the
compulsions and if you remember from my OCD video which I will link here you go
check it out the compulsion is usually our physical like I have to wash my
hands a certain number of times, I need to turn the light switch on and off a certain number of times I need to make sure I locked the door a certain number of times or beat the car lock or they’re gonna be all sorts of different things and
compulsions that I have to do to alleviate the anxiety created by the
obsession however with pure O, There are no physical
compulsions and I’m using the term physical because there are some
cognitive ones that I’ll get to later so stay tuned for that but pure O really
expresses itself in intrusive thoughts that’s what those obsessions are they
are intrusive they just pop into your head and like hey you know you really do
this because it’s really bad but the way that works with pure O tends to be and
this as always leave your experiences and comments below everyone’s going to have their own
unique and independent experience of this I’m just reporting to you what I
have researched and found and that’s just kinda from a professional side so I
don’t have to diagnose and treat it the obsessions with pure O tend to go against
what we believe morally ethically religiously and really what we believe
about ourselves an example that they gave in one of the research articles i
was reading is this guy would be driving along and he would have these intrusive
thoughts that would say oh I could just kill a pedestrian on the side there is run
her right over really quick I could just do that, that could happen, and immediately following that thought he’s have this whole other set of thoughts was like ”oh
my god, why would I think that that’s terrible. Am I a bad person, oh my
god I think I’m a psychopath, how could I be a psychopath?” and this honestly is
how they feel a majority of their day they will have
all these intrusive thoughts and go against what they feel they are and it
can cause a lot of internal anxiety and upset The interesting part about pure O is
that these like intrusive thoughts, these thoughts that pop up into our head
tend to be aggressive or sexual in nature and that is why they’re so
distressing it has nothing to do with the person or who they are they’re not
psychopath but it leads to a lot of those thoughts because it’s really
thought that they could never imagine themselves thinking and they don’t
understand where it came from and it feels really distressing because then
they worried that they’re gonna feel compelled to do it at some point now
although pure O can express itself in a lot of different ways the three most
common and I’m looking at my notes so I don’t get them wrong our number-one intrusive thoughts just
like we’re talking about to unwanted or inappropriate mental images so seeing
something thinking of something having it pop up in their head to be really
distressing and three frightening impulses that go against the person’s
beliefs like oh my god I almost did that, I almost pushed that person over there, I
almost did something that was really terrible and so that is the way that
usually presents itself most commonl. As always, people going to have different
experiences but that’s what they know so far Now like I said, pure O does not come along
with those traditional physical compulsions that we see in you know the
regular OCD the traditional OCD but it does come along with some cognitive
compulsions a lot of people will do some kind of mental avoidant behavior they
will also show a lot of signs of excessive rumination like I was saying
before as soon as that pops up there like oh my god am I a psychopath? No I
wouldn’t do that would never do that and we can go around around around about that horrific intrusive thought
our image or compulsion that we felt for just a second more like oh my god and then we ruminate
on that forever and so there are a lot of cognitive compulsions that go along
with this which is why pure O is not actually a different diagnosis within
the DSM. The most effective treatment for puro O OCD is CBT and I’ll link here to
the video that I did about CBT if you want to learn more but it’s cognitive
behavioral therapy and it helps us change those kinds of thoughts cycles that we
get into. Also, I’m reading from my notes, because this is not therapy that I do
and I don’t have a ton of information on it but feel happy to ask your therapist
or look around on the internet is exposure and response prevention or ERP
it’s sometimes not as successful in pure O because we don’t have those like
specific triggers like traditional OCD may have but they is still find to be
pretty effective and they also say that cognitive therapy because with pure O, we
don’t have the physical compulsions all the time we maybe don’t need that
behavioral component the C(B)T we just need CT cognitive therapy also some
people find SSRIs really effective if that’s something you’re considering if
you’re in therapy and you’re still struggling with these intense, nasty,
intrusive thoughts might be something that you talk to your therapist and your
referral out to see a psychiatrist just to see if that might be a fit for you and lastly they talk about ACT and it’s
a newer approach so I don’t have much information on it but it’s been shown to
help with pure O it’s kind of, they call it acceptance and commitment therapy, ACCT If I find more information I’ll link it below but like I said it’s a really newer type
of therapy specifically for pure O OCD I found this helpful I know you’ve been asking about it forever and because we’re always working to reach more people and to remove the stigma associated with mental health Please please please share this
on Facebook that would be so wonderfully helpful you can click all the links
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  1. I have pure o/ psychosis and OCD and it's been a war in my head since I can remember, Life can become unbearable and the only thing that sort of works for me is olanzopine but that only turns down the ferocity of the thought, An everyday simple activity becomes torturous that takes a lot of time I have to preform ridiculous rituals to satisfy my brain and to reassure myself that nothing bad will happen to whoever is connected to that thought, I've always had standard OCD as well were everything has to be straight and everything has to be touched 5 times and it has to be done in 3's and 2's, The amount of light switches, Door handles and phones I've broke is unreal but it's just a small symptom of having OCD

  2. Can they be thoughts that aren't agressive? I have the same thing but I have intrusive thoughts of putting myself into this perspective of "impending doom" which just gets me depressed. Then I worry and pull the feeling apart and it just becomes a cycle

  3. I have all kinds of intrusive thoughts. Currently, I think I need a job, a therapist, and friends. My family seems to resent me for being sick for many years. Now that I'm healed, they don't want to talk to me. I complained of a polyp in my colon since I was age 15, thought it was a hernia. I went to the doctor many times over the years, it got worse and worse. I was losing blood through my colon due to a skateboarding accident. For some reason, since I was losing blood, they said it was just hemmroids, I couldn't explain it well enough to get a colonoscopy until 30 something, when they found it. The doctor put a little device on the vain in my colon that was losing blood, I think, and I instantly could think and felt better. I'm now 41, and my family avoids me, but still allows me to live in an extra home. I know they realize that I had a polyp which was suspect for cancer, but hasn't, been found to be cancer, but now, after all the fighting over why I couldn't get a job, or didn't feel well, or even speak that well, they have seemingly written me off. I had to tell them over and over I didn't feel well for 15+ year, in which they said, go to the doctor, I went, and they couldn't find anything wrong with me because they dismissed what I said at 15. I looked really stupid for many years saying I was hurt and needed help. I don't think I can take back any of the words I said to them in defense of my life and why I always was hurt. But, things now that I'm fixed, are still really difficult. Intrusive thoughts seem to start when you get involved with ANYTHING that is taboo. People then, have to medicate and find support for their lives.

  4. I didn’t know this was a valid thing! I feel relieved. I was diagnosed with OCD by 2 different psychiatrists and was on medication but I never fully resonated with my diagnosis if only for the compulsion part. I felt like was doing OCD wrong. It’s good to know that you can have OCD without the C.

  5. I have this type of ocd. (Confirmed by a doctor.) I repeat actions and words, terrible unwanted thoughts. I overly obsess about little things. This really is the worst part of the disorder…

  6. i have pure o, i've been to a psychologist but she hasn't diagnosed me, i've only told her once and now she's on leave so i have to wait. what helped me the most is meditation, it's helped me immensely, even though i still have intrusive thoughts daily i don't have suicidal thoughts anymore. each day i am getting better.

  7. there can be mental compulsions too like you would have to repeat a certain thought to relieve anxiety and pure o can also lead to physical compulsions

  8. I’m really SICK of my own brain . There is a part of me that thinks I could have pure O , lesser forms of anxiety and depression, and questions whether I might be trans . I don’t know whether I have these things and I’m try to convince myself I don’t , because I probably don’t . Are teenage hormones really this bad ? Someone please help

  9. Thank you for making this video, I finally found something that I can relate to on mental health matters. Now I can better understand what I'm going through and seek help for it

  10. I deal with this sometimes…I get really bad intrusive thoughts such as jumping off of buildings…even though I DONT want to and I DONT feel suicidal. It’s like this extremely intense fear. I know what is happening when I have these intrusive thoughts so every time I tell myself it is my ocd and eventually it goes away. I’m lucky to avoid a panic attack after one though!!! So important for anyone dealing with intrusive thoughts to be knowledgeable about the symptoms of OCD!

  11. Oh my god this just described my life. For the first like 15 years of my life I constantly had awful sexual and violent intrusive thoughts and it was awful, even before I really knew what sex was or anything about it, when I was just a small child, I would have them. I didn’t understand it and I thought it was awful and I absolutely hated myself. I felt terrible and disgusting and thought I was the worst person ever, and I would lay in bed and ball my eyes out all the time because I thought I was going to hell. I would constantly try to pray to balance them out, but sometimes it just made me feel worse somehow, like I was a lie. The sexual ones were the worst for a long time, but when I hit puberty and as I started getting older and understanding and accepting sex, those stopped bothering me as much. I really just accepted that sex was okay and that it didn’t make me horrible, but it was a long process and I still have a lot of sexual guilt.

    But then there were also the other intrusive thoughts, violence and torture, and since I used to be very religious, a lot of stuff about selling my soul to Satan and hell and stuff. I can’t describe how awful that was. I really thought I was the worst person ever and I could never understand why I would have such bad thoughts. Oh also mine were less of thoughts as “I could just push her, I could stab him” stuff like that but mostly vivid disgusting imagery, which I think was worse. I’d have the regular intrusive thoughts too though, like if I was riding in the passenger seat of a car I would get random impulses of just grabbing the wheel and shoving it into a cliff or oncoming traffic or something, even though it was horrible and I’d never want to do it. I really thought I was a psychopath or something awful for a long time, which lead me to research about it. When I was about 15 I first read about ocd, and honestly my heart stopped about how perfectly the obsessive thoughts part fit, I literally cried. But I never had any of the compulsions, and I’d never heard of pure o, so I still was doubtful and don’t understand.

    As I’ve gotten older I’ve gotten better at handling the intrusive thoughts, especially since I’m not religious anymore but spiritual, which leads to a lot more self acceptance and understanding. The only really bad thoughts I have trouble with nowadays are usually incest based, which is just horrific. It makes me nauseous, and even knowing where they come from doesn’t help as much as it did with the others because I’m so morally against them and they disgust me so much. I think I’m okay at blocking them out. I have a lot of other obsessive thought patterns, but they’re not so dark or intrusive, just repetitive. I’m glad I found this, because I finally feel like I truly have some sort of explanation or solace in what I’ve had to deal with.

  12. I thought this was a normal way of thinking like my whole life….. glad to know I'm not the only one dealing with this.

  13. does anyone have pure o over career paths? like it'll tell you if you don't do a compulsion you'll end up doing the thing you'd hate most or even tell you people think you do that, and this is something you know you'd 100% never do, but although you know what you do and enjoy doing, it makes you scared you're gonna fail that ? that was probably a really bad explanation haha

  14. for me personally I will get fears that other people dislike me, hate me, have harmed me, etc. I get anxious at almost everything nowadays and even the smallest of things can make me mentally drained and fragile. I worry ‘what if I haven’t got ocd and I’m just in denial’, ‘where did those thoughts come from’, etc. this strain of ocd is pure living hell and I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone.

  15. I also get images in my head like you said, and I’m so highly strung and anxious that the more I think about the image the more images I get. I’ve been worrying over just one image for 2 years now.

  16. this has bothered me my whole life, thank god I finally decided to research this while smoking weed for the first time

  17. I've never been clinically diagnosed, but i'm 100% sure I have this. It really interferes with my daily life, It sucks, so much. People probably think i'm odd because when I do have one of these thoughts, I have physical reactions, like jerking my head to the side, squeezing what im holding and closing my eyes as i roll my eyes back. I hope I can get over this soon, by myself because i'm too scared to see a therapist about this, as I also have social anxiety :-/

  18. Do you have any information on how the brain chooses these topics to think about? that's the part I don't understand

  19. I have developed agoraphobia I think because of Pure O. I am afraid the thought will pop in while I am out . Do you think this could happen with Pure O.

  20. I'm 13 and I have sexual thoughts about children but I have looked at parts of children ( over their clothes) and I feel so disgusted with myself and I fell that im a bad person and that ive already made a bad action

  21. Hi, I´ve had this pure hell since I was 12 ahahah it comes and goes, some years are worse than others, but I can have full years without it! Now I have it sometimes. I have an important question!!! Is it normal if sometimes I spend days remembering I have this condition but not engaging in those thoughts? Like for example, sometimes I get out with friends and I'm afraid the thoughts will arrive, but I try to shut it, and so I'm kinda of awaked of the thoughts but I don't engage with them, they're like clouds that I try to ignore. Is this normal or is it just me having actual ocd? This doesn't happen many times, but sometimes it does… Sorry about my text being so long, I guess its just my ocd kicking in ahah Help 😉

  22. I'm struggling with Pure O but also like ruminations about morality and the origins of the universe, and i've gotten to the point of derealization/depersonalization and combine that with Pure O and morality and it's really scare, it's like my ocd is trying to convince me that bad isn't bad and good isn't good, they're both just nothing, but I still feel a lot of stress anyways, but then my brain says like oh but stress isn't bad either so I'm like wtf I've got to be a psychopath or something but considering my ENTIRE past I'm pretty damn sure I'm not, so if any1 else is struggling with something like this, let me know what helps, thx.

  23. I’ve been having pure o since I’m little. When I was smaller, it would be less intense stuff like things a little kid could think of, it’s when I started primary school that it became something scarier like chopping people’s heads off. And I’d ask my friend if I were a monster and such. To this day, I just think that I could become a murderer and it kind of freaks me out.

  24. What’s weird is I don’t think my therapist would ever give another diagnoses because I think I try to self diagnose too much. I go through a lot of phases where I will imagine graphic abuse happening to my kids or other kids and it won’t go away and it’s so awful and it’s soooo hard to function

  25. My pure O seems to just latch on to anything distressing that I happen to be thinking. I'll spend the entire day obsessing about multiple different bad things, especially regarding my health. It's exhausting.

  26. It started as a Pure O when I was 10 and slowly developing compulsions overtime. The O component is still the major one.
    Thanks bullying. Thanks a lot.

  27. I’ve never heard of this and been following you for a long time. My psych told me she suspects OCD. I didn’t understand so I started digging for internal OCD. This was the first video that came up. Thanks again Kati. I kind of wish this had a different name because OCD research is dominated by the compulsive side of things and it just presents so differently like cptsd and ptsd

  28. I have relaionship ocd and it makes me feel things like – i just actually FELT (not thought) that i actually was happy that a male collegue was going to see me looking my best. But i don't feel this. so my question is do i really feel this way? Can you have intrusive emotions?

  29. I think plain old obsession should be a mental health issue. Someone who is obsessed with a particular individual for a length of time is very sick. Not just creepy.

  30. I almost commit suicide on New year's Eve after I broke up. My Pure O got worse and I thought " the man I loved must have left me with no explanation because he saw I carry something so ugly inside of me".

    I ended up carried by two friends at the GP and received intense therapy. I can say I have digged through tones of dirt but I am a healthy person now and willing to help anyone on the edge of committing non reversible choice.

  31. I was having intrusive thoughts as young as elementary school, it's literal hell. I'm so glad I learned about this!

  32. Kati, I’ve been stressing bc I’ve been thinking I’m a narcissist for about 2 years. I have empathy, I have hurt people very close to me, like I was controlling to someone in my family at a young age and an old friend. I was also in some bad relationships and rn have insecurities. I am good at listening and I’m good at empathizing. I just over think and obsess over small things and beat myself up when I think I’m being selfish. I’ll neglect myself just to help ppl sometimes bc I think helping me is slfish. That’s another thing is when I act as a therapist to people, they usually seem to feel heard and understood and feel like I give them some pure useful advice. I’m just struggling bc I read all day about narcissism. Find what traits I can relate to and then start freaking out and thinking I’m a narcissist and will almost mimic the traits in my head. I once read narcissists think they’re perfect and I was always told by a close person when I was younger “you think your just so perfect sonny” and I’d feel like shit bc I don’t want to think that. So an intrusive thought I’ll have is “you think your perfect” and I’ll think “I’m not perfect” and I’ll get anxiety and think “I’m perfect” then “NO NO NO IM NOT PERFECT” then I’ll beat myself up bc I’m not being fair to others thinking that, and i think I’m really being dillusional about being perfect when really the dellusion is what I think I believe…….. FUCK that was a lot for you to read if you read this

  33. Are intrusive thoughts exclusive to OCD? I've suffered with intrusive thoughts for years but just thought it was general anxiety

  34. I keep obsessing over a girl I have a thing for, but who wants nothing to do with me.
    I get triggered by something (an image, song, another thought) that leads me to thinking about her, then I want to look her up online, and/or it makes things worse. I think about other people, events from the past, places, etc… and I end up anxious, depressed, going out of my mind, wishing I could just shut my brain off.

  35. Its like your a millionare and you know that as a fact but your mental ilness pure o will say your not a millonare your so poor you belong at a homeless shelter but you check your money on your bank phone app and see you have a million dollars and ocd will say to you your thinking that it says you have a million dollars your eyes are playing tricks on you thats just an example of my type of ocd

  36. I hate this i really pray at night that i will die in my sleep every night before i go to sleep im not sucidal but i dont want to live anymore

  37. My pure o mainly revolves around feeling extremely ashamed and feeling as if god is disappointed in me for my thoughts, the intrusive thoughts are always aimed towards myself, or whenever I’m in a rage, towards different characters in my head. I think about raping people constantly and it is a continuous cycle of thoughts and terrors that are out of tune with reality. There is always a song playing in my head, along with two other voices usually shouting opposite things. I have compulsions where I just even out the pressure in my hands, for example if I touch something with my left hand I have to touch it with my right. I feel an immense weight that I am responsible for the weight of others and the world, and obligated to be perfect.

  38. I've struggled to explain this to so many people. Thank you, I've been dealing with this since I was a kid and have never had the words to properly define what was going on in my head.

  39. Give ur pure O , a taste of its own and tell it yes I'm crazy and afraid, who isn't, then tell it adiós come back tmro.

  40. Finding this video saved my life. I thought I was crazy and a bad person until I realized that I have this, thank you 💖

  41. Omg I wish I had known this information when I started struggling with OCD (Pure O) at age 13. I also struggled with anxiety and depression (of course) until 18, when I started taking an SSRI and the OCD went away and depression lessened. Much later, at 33, I found out the "root" of all of it was actually undiagnosed ADHD. Thanks for your videos- i would love to see more on ADHD in women/adults. 💕

  42. Sometimes I scream STOP!! Inside my head….many times during the day.. Not that effective and I think a low dose antidepressant may help.

  43. I never thought about it before, but the way you describe this kinda sounds similar to one of Daniel Howell’s videos “Psycho Thoughts”… it’s one of the videos he made that made me go: yes, absolutely, you understand me!

  44. What if I know I don’t want to do the things but apart of me isn’t completely disturbed by it, is that normal too or no??:/

  45. I had this for about a year and a half. I really considered killing myself… taking Prozac helped me IMMENSELY. Please don’t give up if you’re going through this, it will get better

  46. I’ve suffered with this so long and it’s gotten worse since my mum passed and oh my god, it’s hell on earth.

  47. Have you heard about anafrinal? I hear it works miracles. I have this with the added component of believing people can hear my thoughts, so ocd and intrusive thoughts sky rocket. I feel ashamed for having such thoughts, Some things are not as extreme as others. I have impulsive flickering of people and objects in my thoughts. It's so so exhausting I stay up all night listening to voices of the people that can read my mind. They repeat what I talk of or even think about. The voices are of close friends and family actually, I didn't know why or what it was and I even considered it as gang stalking. Voice to skull technology of sorts I thought it was schizophrenia, but my official diagnosis are p.t.s.d. pure o ocd, d.i.d., anxiety and depression, as well as panic attacks. The OCD is the worst.

  48. I have Pure O. I remember finding this video just over a year ago and it being one of the many videos that helped me. I have just created a video talking about my own experiences, please check it out! BethanyO x

  49. I think i am meant have this have horrible thoughts and so anxious and scare of myself. The thoughts cause me to have two mental breakdown i think.

  50. I used to have very specific problems with this when I was really young but now I just have random intrusive thoughts all the time (most of the time).

  51. My thoughts came when i was 18 i was heading to soccer practice, and i got a thought saying i was gay. I freaked out im like what the hell is going on. Why did that popped on my head. I like girls ever since elementary my crushes were girls, and when that popped on my head im like wth is going on. I get all shaky i always battling it reassuring my self. And well everytime it comes back it gets a little worse now im 24 and i cried got shaky and ive seen videos about ignore the thoughts, stop reassuring yourself cause your only making it worse and its hard so hard. Im not gay, and i cry because thats just not me. Help please!

  52. I usually get thoughts of running someone over but I have gotten thoughts of hurting people in other ways too (never sexual tho)

    I'm only 16 tho so I can't drive but sometimes I get thoughts of pulling the steering wheel when my parents are driving

  53. I have, like, Ivory O OCD. It's 99.44% pure. I wouldn't say I never have physical compulsions (especially skin picking), but the strong majority of what I deal with is related to intrusive thoughts/images/impulses.

  54. There was a murdre in my neighbothood and ever since then i has the intrusive toughts and images of the murdure and it was rly grafic and its rly hard for me. Im sceard to go to the tharipist becouse i just want a relife for it but i still want to be the same persone in a wirde way. Any tips

  55. My strategy may not be the best…but instead of pushing them away, I accept them and imagine myself as this anti-hero. You need to let it go, when the thoughts appear, embrace them and imagine yourself like Batman or those typical anti-heroes conflicted with Good and Evil. It pushed me to become a writer, actually and put my pain on those characters very effectively. Behaviors are what define us, not the image of ourselves or our thoughts. Embrace all parts of you and accept them, let them pop in and if you stop fighting, if you accept it, they'll go out. It may not be instantly but it will work.

  56. I relate to a lot of this. I probably don’t even have pure o but, since April, I had terrible sexual thoughts and I hated myself for it and even thought if suicide. It sort of calmed down but, I still get intrusive thoughts from time to time and recently, I’ve always found myself thinking about near death situations that have a 5% chance of happening and start to panic for one second before calming myself down and realizing none of the thoughts are real, get thoughts about my loved ones dying or me accidentally killing them. I’m not really ashamed of the thoughts about death but, I’m more ashamed about the sexual intrusive thoughts. I might talk to my school therapist tomorrow though.

  57. Everyday is so hard. Everyday I wake up, and for the rest of the day I just keep asking myself if I'm having the thoughts or not. Its sexual intrusive thoughts. I want to die.

  58. idk if anyone will see this, but does anyone know if you can have pure o and traditional ocd? i havent been diagnosed but ive researched so much since i have horrible health anxiety and i feel like i have both but i also think i could just be being dramatic haha

  59. I have found that when an intrusive thought happens if you change that intrusive scenario to a positive outcome rather than a fearful out come it makes your brain think positive rather than negative . For Example if you had a thought of wanting to punch someone instead visualize yourself hugging that person. ( something you would really want to do thats kind rather than something harsh) Replay the positive scenario rather than the negative and you will train your brain to see positive rather than negative. I prayed and God helped me with stress and anxiety and he will help you too. Just Pray and ask! Sending prayers for you all who suffer with any form of anxiety or depression. Have faith! It can get better just pray and believe and take good care of yourself. Work some some good fitness into your day and nutritional vegan plant based foods o to your eating that helps so much too. 🙏🏻❤️

  60. When I was younger I would count 7, 7 times. 5, 5 times, etc. Today I just divide numbers, ex.) 5, 2.5, 1.25, etc. This a recurring thing, but it doesn't affect my life majorly. It's more of a side thought, it doesn't control my movements though, like dividing a number in order to get to a certain place.

  61. Does anyone have intrusive thoughts about becoming schizophrenia or even getting borderline personality disorder because ill obsess about them anot avoid being alone or even feeling any emotion because im scared itll mean im borderline

  62. I really need help with my intrusive thoughts im starting to get thoughts like wondering if im supposed to kill and its really worrying me am I having a psychotic break ? i realise the thought isn't true but it still scares me that im having this delusion

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