1. But what about the CHI??? can you measure the energy OF LOVE???? lol jk jk
    I just came from a channel where a lovely cute lady of soft gentle voice defined energy in function of chi and.. the universe… and health … meditation….. I had to find some scientific based video to scrape the woo woo off.

  2. "Sound is not energy it has the ability to transfer energy from place to place"
    The video was very helpful in terms of thinking about energy, but this concept still confuses me. So if the sound isn't the energy what is?

  3. wow i did not know that about temperature and heat. i thought heat is about moving molecules and temperature was measuring their movement.

  4. I am just now watching this and it explains why it was so hard to grasp as a child in their education system. They are teaching you that the words themselves justify the categories when in reality they do nothing to explain the function.
    All energy is motion, it is all motion. Motion governed by plane and scale = Energy. So simple an 8 year old could understand but they have to complicate it until it is non-understandable. Welcome to our edumacation system run by morons at the point of a blank check which runs a lot slower than the speed of light.

  5. well, no, no this was not helpful at all…. What is Energy? … i know you can weigh it…. a coiled spring weighs more than a spring without tension…. so what is it? … is it MASS in some other form? …. what about E=MC2???? ….seems to me to be Energy somehow is related to Mass…. but what is it? …. is there an energy particle? …. is it possible to have nothing but energy in a space? …. a vacuum with ONLY energy and nothing else? ….. what is it?

  6. "The energy entering a system is equal to the energy leaving the system." Not quite right as a statement of the law of conservation of energy. There can be sources and sinks of energy, for sure. The sun is a source of energy – not because it is "creating" energy, but because the binding energy in its atoms is converted into other forms of energy (kinetic, electromagnetic). But the sun as a system is absolutely losing energy!

    The law of conservation of energy just tells us that any energy leaving the sun doesn't just cease to exist, but travels through space until it is, perhaps, absorbed somewhere else. Tiniest fix to a great video!

  7. @Bozeman science. Which category is Thermal energy, electrical, nuclear and chemical energy fit in. In the three categories mentioned.
    Thank you
    Also would light not be an energy as light contain Photons and where would you put light energy in your category.
    Your help appreciated.

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