Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue – Chosen Power Rangers

Joel Rawlings? (dramatic music) Kelsey Winslow? Would you come with us, please? Who in the world are you? That was Chad
Lee, ladies and gentlemen. Yes, ha ha. Come on up, Daisy and wave for the camera. Chad Lee? (dramatic music) I know this is a bad time,
but I need you to come with me. Light Speed has developed technology and highly sophisticated
weapons that we believe can stop them. Because of your skills, you’ve been chosen to use these weapons to defend the city. To become Light Speed Power Rangers. I’m in, sir. Me, too. I wanna help. What do we do first? These are
your rescue morphers. They’re worn on your wrist. Five? You are the fifth. Me? For 18 years I have been
training you for this. It’s yours. If you want it. (triumphant music) All right rangers, time to get to work. You wanna destroy Mariner Bay? You must go through us to do it. Ready? Light Speed Rescue! (rock music) Hiya! Power Rangers? All right. Whoa, it worked. This feels incredible. This is just what we need. Let’s get to work. Hiya! Hiya! Hiya!

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