Potential and Kinetic Energy | #aumsum

Potential and Kinetic Energy. The law of conservation of energy. Energy cannot be created. Energy cannot be destroyed. It can only be converted from one form to another. Conversion of Energy. Solar Energy. Electrical Energy. Mechanical Energy. Potential Energy. Energy due to position. Potential Energy. Kinetic Energy. due to motion. The unit of energy is Joules. When we hold the tire on one side. It has a certain amount of potential energy. When it is released. Potential energy starts getting converted to kinetic energy. As the tire moves back and forth. Kinetic energy gets converted to potential energy. The formula for potential energy is mgh, M is equal to Mass, g is equal to gravitational acceleration and h is equal to height. At the top of a tree, the potential energy possessed by is is equal to mgh. m is equal to 30 kg. g is equal to 9.8 metres per second square. h is equal to 20 metres. Potential energy is equal to mgh, which is equal to 30 into 9.8 into 20, which is equal to 5880 J. At the top of tree, kinetic energy is equal to 0. When we fall, potential energy starts getting converted to kinetic energy. Just before we land, all potential energy gets converted to kinetic energy. To calculate kinetic energy, kinetic energy is equal to 1 upon 2 into m into v square, where m is equal to mass and v is equal to velocity. The End. Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Smart Learning for All

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