Playmobil Toys Rescue Ambulance Riding Accident in the Woods

look what we have to show you today it’s
the Playmobil action city rescue ambulance for ages four and up with
twenty pieces Oh even has this cool try me look at it
light up yeah it’s time to get it out of the box here it has and lift it up oh
how cool okay looky here and there it is look how neat our new ambulance is with
lights and sounds with a press of a button and then it goes silent so when
they arrive and there’s no more emergency or they get there you can turn
off and then next call on they go that is super neat and you have the option if
you just press this button here it’s just the lights so when they’re coming
up and they don’t want to make a racket they can have just their lights on or
they can do the lights and sounds Playmobil really does make nice quality
durable toys and here the top comes off and then that’s where your batteries go
for your lights and sounds you can put your driver in here and the
other medic over here and then it just snaps back on and then let’s take a look
here our roof can pop off and then you can get a bird’s-eye view this way
or will undo the little elastic. there we go and then your ambulance doors can open
this way yeah this is so neat take a look at the inside it has
all of the monitors and the things they need on the side there’s cubby storage
and of course here’s with a gurney can go and then over here here’s where one of
the medics can sit as they’re taking the patient to the hospital and here are
our two medical personnel here’s our female medic which she has the PM for
paramedic a ponytail and here is our male paramedic and he’s got his
reflective vest that says ambulance on the back and both of them can of course
move their heads and their arms and their legs it also has its own little
medic kit that opens and closes and then they can hold it right in their hands
here’s the gurney so it pops down the legs extend like this so they can roll
it back and forth the back can adjust so it can go the patient can set up if they
need to or they can lay all the way down very nice and then playmobil has
provided the strap to secure the patient so there we snapped it on there and then
we can take it and it can be adjustable to the size or the needs of whoever they
are treating stretches basically right on like that and there we go and this set even comes
with the patient that has the same articulation in the legs arms and neck
like all the Playmobil characters so he can lay on the gurney and then it can
fasten down like so you know how Playmobil is so great with
providing cool accessories we have the IV drip bag the drip hose we put it
right in there here is the stand for the bag which the
bag can clip right on like that and the IV bag can clip either up here or right
here by the feet and then it comes with two itty-bitty cuffs that go on the end
of the drip hose one is small enough look how tiny that can go on the wrist
and one can fit around the neck and they attach to the end of the hose like this
okay hold still it’ll just be a minute very fun or we can also attach the IV
stand right here into our ambulance and then our gurney can load right up in
there just like that we can store the one the clip that we’re not using inside
of our medical bag that way it won’t get lost
put it right in there and close that up and then we can drop our medical bag
right there in the shelf provided so snap our roof on close up the doors put
our medics in and they’re ready to go
boy am i glad the weekend is here I’ve been waiting so you and I could go out
and ride Stardust we got to enjoy these last beautiful days of fall what’s wrong Stardust what’s what’s
spooking ya easy boy easy whoa whoa easy oh no
you gotta go alone boy you gotta get help
that a boy go get go get help boy go don’t worry Jimmy the ambulance is on
its way Stardust came and got me I knew you
could do it boy I knew you could do it you’re a very lucky young man that you
have such a fine horse that’s right he got help just in time you got a leg that
needs to heal but mainly he got you help before it got dark and it got too cold
for you Oh oh boy it’ll be soon and all will be
back to riding again you’re such a good horse okay let’s get you into the back
of the ambulance alright let’s head into town well there it is the rescue
Playmobil ambulance we think this is gonna be loads of fun
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  2. This was a cool video. I like the suitcase that fits on the side of the ambulance. That as cool. I also like the horse named star dust. That is a cute name. I liked it when the music got scary and star dust got scared because of that dinosaur. I like this video because it was a good story and a good adventure. You made good sets. I am glad that star dust saved the day. It is funny because I just made an adventure video that had a dinosaur too. Have a nice day. Bye.

  3. EMERGENCY OH NO! you guys always do amazing toy story acting and the presentation and voices you guys use make it so much more enjoyable to watch! awesome unboxing we really enjoyed the upload thank you for sharing this with all of us! like #7 is from us friends have a great day friends see you again soon!

  4. I really like Plamobil! They are perfect figures for little hands! I mean my boys really like them ha ha! They loved watching your live action skit!! We don't have an ambulance, so they used a firetruck! We love We Imagine!!

  5. This is a wonderful video! what a delightful set, we do really like Playmobil. its always so well made and this set is super fun! love the way it all fits together in the back 😀

  6. Great unboxing video and review of your new Rescue Ambulance. Love the all the accessories that come with the set especially the IV bag! Love the added skit you did! Thumbs up #14 and hope you have a great week!

  7. a classic playmobil playset, family! it's great to see that in this age of hi-tech toys an games that we still have these toys to boost the imagination 🙂 have a fun day, family!

  8. This is an awesome Playmobil ambulance set. Love the IV bag specially the color and you have lot of choices where to put it. Oh no! Stardust was scared..but he did a great job for calling help. Great unboxing and review. You made it looks more cool for every details you've said and for an awesome creative skit. Full view and HUGE like 25 👍 😀

  9. We love ya always sweetheart xoxo thanks for being a genuine friend to us and we love you always xoxo massive like and a interesting video

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