Personal Injury Lawyer Lawyer

are you a lawyer who’s been injured in
an automobile or car accident? Aren’t automobiles and cars the same thing? you need representation now I’m Lee Gallis a personal injury lawyer
who works solely for personal injury lawyers who have been injured personally not
personal to me personal to you. This time its personal injuries. sure you’re looking out for the victim but who’s looking out for you while
you’re looking out for the victim who’s watching the watchmen I am. don’t take it from me well do take it from me if you mean the case
but don’t take my word for it here are others I was tailing after an
ambulance when the vehicle stop suddenly an
out-of-nowhere thanks to Lee we were able to sue the endless company
in the foreclosure get the settlement that we deserve ordinarily the only to have a settlement
that you would get the Law Offices of Markeiss Sal Malone and Moretty ready call today for a free consultation ok thats good thank you come on man ( sorry) charge me 50 bucks has even
know the words you deserve lawyerly justice because justice justice justice for just us just the two of us (music plays) make the call yo stop stopper or to that’s not my number

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