Personal Injury Lawyer Chicago Il – How To Hire The RIGHT Lawyer For You & Your Case!

hi guys personal injury lawyer Scott DeSalvo here and in this video I’m going to tell you
the three things to look for if you’re looking to hire a personal
injury lawyer in Chicago to stay tuned welcome back if you needed surgery and wanted to know
who would be the best to do your surgery the smartest thing to do would be to
talk to other doctors and see who they would recommend same with lawyers who better than a
lawyer who knows the business gonna give you solid advice on what to
look for when you’re trying to hire a personal injury lawyer the first thing I tell people to look
for is to look for somebody who focuses their law practice on personal
injury cases technically any lawyer can ethically
take any kind of case but just like you wouldn’t wanna
dentists to cut your hair or a foot doctor to operate on your heart it’s a real good idea that you hire a
lawyer who knows the personal injury business inside and out the easiest way to do this is to look at
their website if they advertise divorce real estate closings and criminal
defense as well as personal injury then you can
probably assume that they don’t focus their law practice some injury cases and if a lawyer you’re considering also
does insurance defense work then bill so the last guys you wanna
hire injury law has become quite complicated and it’s a good idea to get
a lawyer who focuses on Jostens rework second insist on
communication and respect even after you sign up you can’t throw a
rock in downtown Chicago without hitting at least two lawyers who
will tell you that they have experience handling injury cases they usually do not and they will treat
you like a royalty until you hire them and sign a contract
for lawyers like this once they have a signed contract suddenly the lawyers hard to reach and
no one from his office call you back in fact that the number one complaint
about lawyers as they don’t communicate and they don’t call their clients back
make sure the lawyer you hire its friendly and communicate with you even after you
sign the contract hire them third beware the retainer in an injury
case in many kinds of cases like criminal
cases or divorced a lawyer will ask for a retainer lawyers in those kinds of
cases use the retainer paid himself as they work on your case in injury
cases lawyers with experience usually advance case cost that means no retainer and no
money out of your pocket up from the lawyer gets repaid for case cost as
well as his fee out what the injury lawyer wins for you
of course there are exceptions like in medical malpractice cases or other complex cases all we’re may ask
for some money up front but this is an exception to the rule and
it is uncommon so beware so-called injury lawyers to
ask you for money up front if you need a
personal injury lawyer in Chicago I offer a free consultation I advance case costs and you pay no
retainer and by law offices focused only on
representing injured people it’s all I do if you have any questions
give me a call it 888 hurt 318 or you can click on the picture
book and DVD and get a free copy of my injury DVD
which answers to common questions folks ask. thanks for watching and I hope to hear
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