Personal Injury FAQ’s – Should I call a lawyer if I have had an accident?

It is not always obvious whether you do have
a claim or what type of claim it is and there are strict time limits that apply to certain
claims so I think anyone should be thinking of calling a lawyer if they have got a legal
issue and probably the sooner the better. There are no costs in a first consultation
with a lawyer from Carroll & O’Dea with respect to a personal injury matter and it
is a great opportunity to work out just what your rights are, what the value of a claim may be. The first conference is about getting a summary history from the client and giving
preliminary advice about where your rights might be, what the options might be for you.
In doing that does not commit you to a particular course of action, you remain in control and
it is ultimately your decision what you wish to do, if anything at all. You would normally
have your first meeting with the Partner. The Partner is the ultimate carrier of the
file and usually, if not on the first meeting, at subsequent meetings you will also meet
the solicitor who works closely with that Partner to help progress your file along. Our approach for a first consultation is that there is no obligation to proceed. It is a chance to exchange information, to see if we are the right fit for you and to give you
some advice about what options you might have. It is always best to come along with any paperwork
you have received either from your employer, from the insurer, from the police, any medical
records you have, things like your CT scans, doctor certificates, things like that. It’s a good idea If they just bring the basics, so what has happened to them, it usually helps if there is a report of an incident that has occurred or a report from a doctor, sometimes it is good
for them to sort of prepare a rough timeline before they come along just so they have what
they are going to tell us clear in their mind. In a first meeting it would be fantastic if
a client could bring along their medical certificates, a letter from the insurer, any other documents
that they think may be relevant, things like payslips are very often helpful as well but
it is not critical to have all of those documents, we can obtain those documents ourself. The first port of call will always be the Partner who will have ongoing and direct supervision over the file even if they are not necessarily handling the file on a day to day basis. It is very important that there is continuity for a client. I think it is a horrible experience to tell your story, to open up and then next thing you know you are being transferred to
another lawyer. At Carroll & O’Dea, Partners are hands-on involved in the matter. There
may be other staff members that help out, but a Partner will always have supervision
and ongoing involvement in a personal injury matter.

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