PAW PATROL TRANSFORMER TOYS – Paw Patrol Transformers Rescue Bots

hey everybody look what we got today on Toy Time TV . Its the PAW Patrol and this is the the Mission cruisier. Hey I wonder whos inside. Hey everyone look its Ryder and robo-dog hi Ryder hi rob dog Hi there Mr hands. we are here with the mission cruiser and we’ve got a big surprise you’ve got a surprise I can’t wait to see what in the mission cruiser that does cool surprise if I can’t wait I can’t wait I love the mission cruiser yeah Mr Hands and we’ve got some new Paw Patrol pups. oh boy oh boy New PAW Patrol pups Everyone look its new pups I wonder what kind of pups they are? i’m so excited. I’m so excited! you want to open them up but yeah if you but what kind of new PAW patrol pups are they Ryder? Well mr. hands we’ve been working on these PAW patrol pups for some time these are Transformer Paw patrol pups phone whoa really Transformer Rescue bots PAW patrol pups! transformer paw patrol pup avoid avoid I can’t wait to see this away so yeah we so good no good some gives you the new Dave I’m excited but so is Bobby let your body go we will Transformer rescue bot pups thanks thanks bubbles bubbling bubbling suppose we’ll send back everyone was open up the mission closer and let the balls roll transformers out far boy oh boy oh boy oh boy hey way to stick in right here it looks like just a mission paw pups to me don’t like their transformers hey rubble hey Mr hands hey Marshall what are you looking at? oh are you looking at Ryder are they telling us a fib hey Chase hi Mr hands guys are transformers are you the owner mr. hands watch right now [Chase transformers ] whoa Chase just turned into a truck at that look at that look at that so I think that’s not the best part mr. here watch this chase Transform whoa changes transformed into optimus prime of the Transformers oh it’s so hey chase how does it feel to be a robot said he was gonna wear mr. hand the ball btu I’m Optimus prime leader of the Autobot he where did he go Ryder well that’s the problem mr. hands as changing chase into our robot be kind of malfunction sometimes and wanders off ok we’ll have to take the mission crusier out and find him and bring it back but I want to say that we’re from the paw patrol pups transform your right mr. here we’re probably going to meet their help to get Chase back in the mission cruiser okay Marshall cool how the mission cruisers and transform Wow Marshalll turned into a car was it said he’s a transformer whoa oh hehe transform into robots like Chase said it became mr. hands transform Marshall whoa we’ll get em season cool Autobot transformer rescue bot wow that’s our room how does it feel to be a robot Marshall let his father i feel like i get out at seven fires and all lot being rebels what are you come out here in transforming jeans rubble rubble almost double okay okay I’m coming I want to be a transformer to our rescue box yay horrible on the double wishes of fun part transforming now well with right row hero cool car wow what I’ve got a ruble friend farmers in a Marshal’s informers Wow can you transform into her robot rubble rubble rubble on the double oh ok transform hey look i’m a bumbling Autobot RESCUE BOTS 0 which is also home all from malta marshall i love being a transformer transformer more limited to the arms rescue box and the paw patrol to the last Carol what what do we do now right on the writer what do we do now change has gone off and we can find him right ar-ar-ar-ar-ar what is robo-dog see writer well he said he’s going to surprise too he’s also a transformer whoa so robo-dog as a transformer whoa this is so cool ok roadog let’s see you dream formed ARP ARP ARP ARP are all how look rubble dog transforms into cruel Autobots sports car to home and that is so cool i love transformers the point I want 20 don’t terrible continue to transform results we want to see you transform our part rr-rr-rr-rr probable yeah that is cool look at him he’s turning on cool transferware sku I like the other paw patrol pups hey guys we need to go save chase now don’t worry writer that’s right mr. hands we need to go find chase and you can’t get home can help he’s over hiding in the park let’s go see if we can find him here we are again with writer and writer has something cool to tell us he kids chases somewhere in this park can you help us find him hmm I wonder where he could be is he behind that tree k writer i feit them legs behind that tree huh I do who could that be behind that tree right there is that Chase no no that’s 15 of the cow hey how did you get out of farmer Yumi’s farm we’ll get rocky take you back but that wasn’t chase let’s continue to look for him hey look guys there’s somebody over next to rowdy the recycling truck who is that it’s icy red and blue and this chases colors i wonder if that’s chase hey writer i don’t know about you but that doesn’t look like chase to me that looks like super mario brothers hey is that Mario back there follow hey mr. hands hey you’re right but I didn’t know you are they’re both of your guys looking for something yeah well your mom are you we’re looking for Chase he might look like a giant robot right now have you seen him oh boy you know i saw a giant robot camping or stored courthouse not the mic to be in the chase right over there come on kids come on this your hands that stores the courthouse Chase is probably over there take kids when the park right next to the courthouse yeah I still don’t see chase wait a second what is that over there next to those trees can you see that see machines tape what is that you think that she gets doing this cheese machines why don’t all right her they have highly let’s go ahead and see it kinda looks like cheese writer it’s got a nose like a doggy in ic 4 little feet and i seea below hat i think that might be chase let’s call his name and see if it is kids you can do this with me just say Chase is that you ok let’s go chase is that yeah jay is that you the ministry and you guys calling me I snowman we ended up in the park me when I turned into a robot i can’t get weird in the walk-off up i guess the guys subscribe Lucy loves to hit the six weeks i’m so glad we found you I know writers happy to is so are the rest of the bobbitt roll tape our patrol all the kids at home had lots of fun and I had kids say it was so much fun seeing the paw patrol transformers rescue behind it and I know what you get home want to see you transform one last time ddr4 is robo all the bubble away with that ok Paul roll left friends fall for my dad paw patrol friends for now we’re little bitty puppies again chase are you okay I was the wrong way let me transform back into a puppy instead of the robot well guys it was so much fun seeing the transformer paw patrol pups today here on to retain TV I think all of us really really enjoyed it including mr. hand thanks Ryder you’re welcome history and you’re welcome to use rubble rubble on the double you’re welcome mr. hands drop broth he i loved swimming into a robot i love seeing you guys transforming into a robot and begins at home did you whoa this has been a fun adventure here until it came TV be sure to like this video and also leave us a comment that was lots of fun you can subscribe 229 TV and watch more of our videos by capping the little image of Bobby in the middle of your screen or you can have our other videos on the screen

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