Paramedic Training Ambulance tour

Hello, I’m Ryan. I’m a second year student
paramedic here at Staffordshire University and I’m going to give you a
tour of our training ambulance that you can see behind me which we get to use on
our practice simulation days to make everything that bit more realistic. So, if
you’d like to follow me inside. Inside the ambulance there are lots of bits of
kit that help us to move patients and transport them safely on the vehicle.
Obviously the stretcher here beautifully modelled by our mannequin is the main bit
of kit that we use to transport every patient who isn’t fit to sit
on a chair. This is a carry chair that we use to carry people up and down
staircases and out of complex environments. It’s just easier on our
backs and safer for the patient. Obviously there’s always seats for us to
be inside so that we’re safely in the vehicle when we’re transporting people
and then this monitor that’s beeping away behind me is the Zoll Monitor that
we use and it’s the same one that they have on every West Midlands Ambulance
Service vehicle which is our training partner, so it has all of the same
functions, the same setup so that when we go out into practice in the real world
it’s all the same kit so that we’re familiar with it. I’ll turn that off so
it doesn’t keep distracting me. Moving down into the lockers we have
obviously gloves for infection control that everybody needs. Airway management
equipment all the way through to burns kit, advanced airways, dressings. Then
for people who have spinal injuries or if we have to move them on a on a spine
board or a long board we have different strapping devices
and head blocks to keep them secure keep the head nice and still, cervical collars
which we can put around people’s necks if they have a significant head injury.
These are just to keep the head more supported and reduce the risk of further
neck injuries In these big cupboards is where we would
normally keep big oxygen tanks but we don’t have any on because this is only a
training ambulance but some patients require oxygen so that’s where that
would live and that’s piped through to the front to the ambulance for us.
So there’s the tour of the ambulance. If you have any questions come
down to the open day. Ask them online or
get in touch with somebody.

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