1. Hi kati i have a question….about being a "money" burden, i have been in the ER 10ish times, and the psych ward 4 times, being that i'm at home, and only work part time i don't really have the money to fork out after the stay and when the bill for thousands come i am in no position to pay it, so my parents(being them…parents) they step in and send a check each time off, and pay the bill…that has stopped me for going back to the ER/psych ward for my self harm/suicide…it has been almost 5 years since i was last in the ER or the psych ward, i have had a few close calls on going to the ER, but can't justify it to myself….i know personal safety is important, but just because i am un-safe does not mean that my parents are having to fork out thousand of dollars to pay the bill…mostly guilt…

  2. I've had a lot of bad experiences with telling people about my issues and I've been told that people can't handle me. But I keep trying.

  3. It was surprisingly refreshing to hear you swear for some reason, I kind of weirdly liked it 🙂
    But that aside, each one of your videos makes me smile, thanks for all the help that you provide for those in need. I have a friend who struggles with some issues and here in Russia mental health is not widely understood and decent help is hard to get. Your videos provide a great source of knowledge and comfort. :3

  4. #katiFAQ hi Kati, I just discovered your videos and my gosh, I feel like you've given me the courage to tell my therapist honestly about me relapsing in my eating disorder tomorrow…again…which does scare me a lot. But I do have a question. Actually two, but the second can wait. My first question is personal: I've had my Anorexia Nervosa (Binge/Purge Type) for six years now. I've been hospitalized four times and into a residential facility for eating disorders three times. My question is: when can an eating disorder be too far gone? Mine is extremely severe and no matter what I always relapse again. I know every coping skill and a lot of people like my old physician, case manager and an old therapist have given up on me. I feel like I've given up on me because I just love my eating disorder too much… When is there no point to treatment of any sort? Because I can never stop…
    Second question: what is you opinion of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)? I'm very curious since it is a very controversial diagnosis in the mental health field. Thanks Kati! I'm so happy I discovered you! And if you can't answer either I understand. Apologies to everyone for the long comment… >.<

  5. …(Continuation) a very controversial diagnosis in the mental health field. Thanks Kati! I'm so happy I discovered you! And if you can't answer either I understand. Apologies to everyone for the long comment… >.<

  6. #katiFAQ is it ok for a religious person to seek help from therapist who is not religious or has a different believes ? I feel nervous most of the time when I want to ask my therapist this kind of question especially that she is always respectful . How about other people from my culture and community who may see or find out that I go to therapy ? What will their reactions will be?
    Religion and praying helps me a lot , but that doesn't mean that I don't go and find help with any issues or concerns I have. What I feel about is that when you are sick , you pray for God to help you get better sooner but you still go to a doctor . I feel the same thing with therapy. What do you think about it?
    Thanks 🙂

  7. #katifaq  Hi kati, I've been struggling with disordered eating for about 4 months now but now I can't control my eating at all! When I do eat I get the urge to just keep eating and I won't be able to stop and after I eat all this food, I run to the toilet and purge. Could it be Bulimia or a purging type of Anorexia? 
    Thanx 🙂

  8. Therapy was a disaster when I was massively depressed. When I started to feel better, I was offered a job as a CPS caseworker and started therapy again to be on the safe side.

  9. Hey kati, I don't know if you will answer this or not but I will just ask anyways 🙂 is it normal to feel extremely worried that your therapist will leave you? I have a very good relationship with her and have seen her for a long time. There is no reason for me to think she would be leaving anytime soon but for some reason I am constantly worried she will leave. She is has been my main support and I don't know how I will cope without her

  10. KatiFAQ: some people say that it's good to listen to depressing music when you're sad to let yourself cry. But for me whenever I listen to sad music I feel like I get deeper into my depression and can't escape from it. All I want to do is keep replaying sad songs and hide away from the world. Is this a sign that I should stop listening to sad music, or do you think my depression would be just as bad either way?

  11. Hi I have a quick question. For a very long time (like 1-2 years) I have not been able to enjoy anything I do. I've heard from some people I may be depressed… But then I think it's not like I am sad all the time, more kinda numb and empty. Does that matter or might I still have a depression or something? 

  12. Is it normal to only want the same person for example. I hate changing people I want the same hairdresser, Doctor, dentist. Same place same person and when I can't have that person I don't want to go back until I really need too.

  13. Hi Kati! 
    I've recently been on Tumblr, which I use as an outlet for my disordered thoughts. I've been getting quite a few hate comments, telling me I am "promoting and glorifying" eating disorders, which I can assure you I am not! It's making me feel really uncomfortable, I truly do only use my blog as a way to release my thoughts, but now I feel like such a horrible person. I've been having such a horrible week, and this is not helping my situation at all. 
    Would you be able to help me out at all? I'm trying to ignore these people, but it's not at all working, and now I just don't know how to handle my thoughts right now. 
    Thank you! 

  14. I feel like I can't tell anybody about my self-harming and eating disorder, because they'll think I'm attention seeking, and it only makes things worse…I understand they can't help it because they're all such happy care free people, but I still think they need to learn to handle it better. They truly make me feel like a burden

  15. well i used to tell people what was going on, but they got mad and made everything worse. and i have this close friend but she HATES IT SO MUCH when im down. so im like so lost and avoid talking at all, i understand it helps but i havent found that person i can everything to 🙁

  16. i would have thumbs uped the question about feeling like a burden. I'm feeling like a burden right now so gladd to hear it is considered normal & I'm not the only one

  17. hi kati before i say anything i am sorry if i will write anything wrong because i speak arabic. so my question is: is it normal to feel tired and wake up the next day really sick when i tell my therapist about things i have been hiding for a long time? i hope that you will be  answer my question. thank you

  18. that is why i dont talk to anyone about my ed…i kind of like make comments but then i feel no one gets it or understand..of couse im not speaking clear..

  19. I feel like a burden when I talk about my anxiety/depression because I'm worried I'm going to annoy the other person. Since mental illnesses aren't just something you get over after one talk, that means I wind up talking a lot…yet at the same time, all I can think is that they're over there thinking "Dear god, here we go again." So I wind up talking to someone else, in the hope of having fresh ears that won't mentally roll their eyes at me. It's like some sort of rotation, where I'll think "well okay, it's been awhile since I said anything to So-and-So, and I reeeally need someone to talk to right now, so hopefully they won't be irritated if I choose them."

    Yet I never seem to just clam up entirely, despite my fears of annoying people. 😛 As quiet as I am normally, when I'm having an anxiety attack, I HAVE to talk it out, because otherwise I feel like a balloon with too much air!

  20. Hi Kati! I have a question for you.. What is the difference between a therapist and a counselor?! I currently see a counselor and I feel like it's not beneficial anymore.. We are just going in circles and I do feel like she doesn't understand me and my struggles. Also I feel that I continue to tell her stuff and she just sits and listens but doesn't help me. I'm not sure what I should do. Thank you!

  21. I have ptsd panic attaks depression with agrophobia. tried getting out there in the Internet dating just to talk to people and usually they stop talking to me when they find out im disabled.

  22. You talked about the fact that people want to do things for you when you tell them about mental illness. My problem is very different : i told two people about my bulimia but they didn't show any reaction at all. I felt kinda miserable, thinking that they might think I was lying or faking it to get attention. So I wonder if me telling them was for attention since I feel so abandoned as they didn't say anything or showed any kind of interest in it. Advice or thoughts on the subject ?

  23. what about feeling that your therapist gets bored of you, or doesn't care, you feel insecure and self-conscious around them?

  24. It's normal for problems to get worse when you are fighting it because it's getting better and no you can't fight problems anyway you want and ignoring it only makes it worse.

    When you having bad day feeling down something like. Start listening to uplifting music not music you relate too

  25. Is there such a thing as mental self harm because I thing about things that really hurts and I almost fell comfortably that way but it pushes me into suicided thoughts I have called the suicided hot line and know one answered and even texted them and it’s been a week with no reply I have told my brother and wife but they ignored it and never brought it but again. Makes me fell like I should go through with it because know one care

  26. Excellent! Thanks to all who asked and thanks for your great answers. I feel all those feelings even when speaking on a recovery phone line anonymously! I also find it hard to find a voice when folks are running over each other to speak. I find I don't want to join in that and run over others for my own needs. I notice it's like the trauma gets triggered over and over. But I do daily meditate, walk in nature, make art etc and try to comfort my inner child and pray for guidance. I don't have the funds at the moment for a therapist but am selling my home so I can get that support. Your videos are very helpful and human in a way that is authentic and valuable.Thank you.

  27. What about when you have a therapist who acts like they are not the least bit interested in anything that you tell them.

  28. i feel like a burden because my loved ones know that my illness is in my head and there's nothing they can do to help. when i talk to them about my struggles, i could make them feel helpless or sad. this is why i dont like to open up to people. it's the worst thing.

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