New Advances in Healing Fifth Metatarsal Injuries

Fifth metatarsal injuries or fractures represent another very common injury that we see in the active population and the athletic population. In fact, we probably have patients on a weekly basis in our office, in our clinics who come in with these injuries. They in many cases are notorious for either not healing well or healing very slowly or not healing at all. And this represents a clinical void in the world of foot and ankle because we need to be able to take care of this patient population in manners that facilitate a faster return to work or return to the playing field and better ways of getting these bones to heal. So, in terms of research, right now in our lab we are working on different constructs, different types of implants that fix these bones better and maximize the chance of the bone healing and also the speed with which the bone heals. The other thing we’re working on is trying to address these bones in ways that enable patients to put weight more quickly on their foot and thereby get out of immobilization like a cast or a boot and be able to get back to their day-to-day activity in an easier fashion.


  1. I had foot surgery about three months for a Jones fracture. I'm still non-weight bearing and I started using a bone stimulator a couple weeks ago.The pain has decreased but I still have a heaviness in my foot when I don't keep it elevated. It also becomes purple  and I have swelling when I have it down. Also, when I have it down for a few hours my foot become painful. How long does this usually last?

  2. I've been dealing with a 5th metatarsal break since last July. When first injured there were two breaks. The lesser of the two finally healed after about 7 months. The other break doesn't seem to have healed completely. Still pain and swelling.

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