NEOSUN Energy – Introduction Video

NEOSUN Energy is transforming the world by
changing the future of energy. We are a global renewable energy company focused on a manufacture and supply
of solar panels wind turbines and related components
around the World. We believe we have a responsibility
to transform the future by producing energy that is sustainable and
environmentally friendly. With demand for energy growing, together with
increasingly scarce natural resources developing renewable resources like solar is vital. More than 1 billion people in the world
live without electricity. Our goal is to make electricity and light
available in any corner of the world. Working in cooperation with international
research centers, the R&D team of NEOSUN Energy has developed innovative products to make
renewable energy cost equal to or even lower than most traditional power generation methods.
It allows transforming lives by bringing energy, connectivity and water to people and communities
in off-grid and underserved areas. There is no doubt – electricity is the oxygen
that feeds the modern economy. The demand for renewable power is growing rapidly
because it makes possible to run business in any location and cut operating costs. Solar power stations from NEOSUN Energy enables you
to build your plant or farm anywhere you need without power lines and electricity bills. We nurture the best projects around the world to ensure
the highest possible returns for investors. After 200 years of burning fossil fuels,
the time for change is now. But the world can’t change by itself the world becomes another,
when there is someone who is able to turn it. We believe NEOSUN Energy is ideally positioned to
capitalize on the growth in renewable power generation. We are interested in exploring of a variety
a partnership opportunities and we believe together we will succeed. NEOSUN Energy for a clean future of our planet.

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