National Volunteers’ Week – Meet Steve, a St John Ambulance Volunteer

I’m Steve, St John Ambulance at Bedford
John Bunyan. I’m here on duty with James. How you doing James? I’m doing good thanks. Okay, we do all sorts of duties around Bedford.
Also, other ones as well, we also go to London occasionally for various sporting events Lord’s,
Twickenham, London Marathon is quite good isn’t it? Yeah. What’s been your favourite duty do you think? I think it has to be kind of, some of the
larger events that we go out and about to do, especially when we’re working with other
regions. So, going down to things like Brighton Pride, to Manchester Pride, to London Marathon
and so on. Those are definitely some of the quite gripping events. Yeah. I think my favourite event is the Bumps. That’s
the rowing event where rows men are chasing each other down the river Cam and trying to
bump into each other. Okay, now I think we were asked why do we
do St John? Well, I definitely enjoy doing it because
it’s a great organisation to be able to develop skills used doing first aid and it’s
great people to work with. Yep, it definitely develops our first aid
skills, we have to use them quite a lot don’t we. So, that’s good. It’s a very good opportunity. Yes, it’s a very good opportunity and you
meet lots of lovely people and what’s nice is we’re helping them as well. Oh yeah, that’s volunteering for you! Yeah.

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