Molly Malone’s Is Losing $6,000 Per Month – Bar Rescue, Season 4

In 2006, longtime
bartender Bob Isaacson
purchased Molly Malone’s.The first time I
walked into a bar,
it was magical.I tried to get
a bartending job
from the second
I turned 21.That’s all
I wanted to do.
– Kamikazes, anybody?
– Woman:Oww!Bob:
I wanted to buy Molly’s
because I didn’t think
everybody else was
doing it right, and I thought
I could do it better. Announcer:
Lacking the finances,
Bob convinced his parentsto cash in $350,000
of their retirement
to buy the bar.This is my first
real serious venture,and the first year,
we made a $700 profit,
but that went
into an employee
Christmas party, so we ended up
with a loss. Announcer:
Struggling to make
the transition
from bartender…
– Whoo!to bar owner,
Bob was unable
to make Molly Malone’s
I got 15 grand
in payroll coming out.
That’s gonna be
a problem.
It’s gonna be
a losing day. There’s Joe’s,
and then I’ll get
Bobby’s right now.Seeking additional help,Bob hired his girlfriend
Rayne to manage the bar.
I’ve been dating Bob
for the last seven years,and because
the bar’s failing,
I just see
his attitude going
on a downward slope. ( grunts ) When things don’t work
the way you planned, it gets
extremely frustrating, and it can take
you motivation level
down severely. I’m trying to get
this bar under control
right now, and you are
doing nothing. Rayne taking on so much of the management
responsibilitiesputs a lot of strain
on our relationship.
It’s hard
to find moments
where we’re just doing
something for us.Sorry. I’m dealing
with stress in a weird way.
Just bear with me. Announcer:
As Bob and Rayne’s
relationship soured,sales continued
to plummet, and the staff
began to take
their frustrations
out on each other.
Your customers
are complaining also. Aren’t you behind the bar?
How are they my customers? These are you girls,
dude. Like what–
what the hell? – ( bleep )!
With a dysfunctional staffand a lack of leadership,Molly Malone’s is now
losing $6,000 a month.
Keep her the ( bleep )
away from me… – I will.
– right ( bleep ) now. – Calm down.
– I’m not joking. She’s nowhere near you.
Calm down. I have reached
a breaking point
working here. This bar has caused
a great amount of stress
on my family. – Love you.
– Love you, too. My son Damian,
he was starting
to get anxiety,and I’m supposed to protect
him and be his mom,
and because of this bar,I wasn’t there
for him when
he needed me. Bob:
You know,
we love each other,
but in order for me
to marry Rayne,
we need to lose
a lot of the stress
of operating this business. When the bar goes under,
I’m not gonna be able to provide for you
and Damian. Longevity is
in the relationship,
not in the business. I feel like I’m
not enough, you know? Announcer:
Unable to move
their relationship forward
and fearing for
their financial future,
Bob and Rayne have agreed
to pull back the doors,
bust open the booksto make a call for help
to “Bar Rescue.”

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