Mobility Networks: ACCESS Ambulance Bariatric Inboard Lift – 500kg SWL

This is the easy Access Inboard Lift. This particular one is the bariatric one that
can take up to 500 kg. If I operate it, you see it’s a split platform. It comes down and then as the platform comes
down, they interlock together. I keep my thumb on the down button, the bridge
platform comes up, the lift goes down to the floor, and then the wheels, when they touch
the ground, they will then deploy the roll off ramps, which are individual and have the
soft roll on edge on them. To take the lift up, press the up and the
stow button together, the lift will come up, the roll off ramps will then come up and form
a roll off stop. And then as the lift comes up, it gets to
floor height, comes up, splits open as I’ve got my thumb on the stow button and stores

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