Lyme Disease: Is The Tick-Borne Illness Even Real?

I’m working on a story about chronic
Lyme disease. You’ve heard of Lyme disease, it’s that
thing you get from ticks, you take antibiotics. Except Lyme disease is
actually really controversial. There have been these conspiracy theories about Lyme, some of them are really wild, but these days the controversies are around
chronic Lyme. There are a lot of patients getting treatment for a kind of
persistent long term Lyme that can survive antibiotics. Only the thing is
chronic Lyme doesn’t officially exist according to the Centers for Disease
Control it’s not a thing. So as this whole medical debate is
raging, there are communities of patients gathering online and self diagnosing. They accuse doctors of ignoring them dismissing them as crazy. At the same time, doctors say they have patients with this whole host of
symptoms showing up and demanding treatment for chronic Lyme. As all of this happens it’s inconvenient to note that Lyme disease is on the rise in the
U.S. It’s a pretty big number, 300,000 cases of Lyme disease, that six times
more common than AIDS, it’s 10 times more common than hepatitis C, it’s 20 times
more common than tuberculosis in this country, so it’s a huge epidemic. You’ll be scared of the woods. Check back in a few weeks for our report.

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