Low Back Pain Relief – Try This to Relieve Lower Back Pain (2019 updated)

there are a few high-end techniques for
low back pain the very few people in the fitness and movement industry know about
today I’m going to share three powerful exercises for low back pain and if you
try them right now I guarantee you will feel better have less back pain in like
five minutes from now and it’s not just pain relief we’re actually doing
something good for your back the exercise I’m going to share with you are
the exact same ones I tend to give my clients one to one probably for the last
few years now and I do it for one reason they make a really nice difference hi my
name is Jacob and I personally know what it’s like to have back pain it sucks
your mind goes something is wrong with me oh I’m far too young to have back pain
oh God I’m sitting too much so you’re trying to
get more active but at the same time you second-guess every exercise you do is it
going to make you strong, is it going to make your back pain go away
or is your back going to snap half the time you finally make it into the gym
and you think he’ll screw this I’m going to stretch raise your hand if you searched
YouTube for back pain and ended up doing yoga if you sometimes feel like your
back is holding you hostage then it might be a lucky day keep watching so
you got low back pain you probably also have a difficulty touching your toes
right before I show you the first exercise and please don’t skip it go
ahead and please touch your toes make sure you don’t bend your knees and just
take a mental note how far do you go pause the video for a second and go
ahead okay great the first exercise is called
the Marionette tailbone squeeze it’s done on the floor to decompress and Decoapt
your lower back realign the spinal discs and mobilize the CSF the cerebrospinal
fluid I didn’t know stretching and relaxing can do all that well it can’t
however this is not really a stretch the first part of the exercise the Marionette
is all about positioning pick your favourite corner one bum cheek on the
wall and slide so that your bum is in the corner the goal here is to create 90
degrees between your thighs and your stomach with back on the floor and
ideally straight knees if possible tuck your chin in like you’re trying to
create a double chin and if possible lift your head just attach off the floor
so your head is touching the floor but not leaning on it we’re trying to create
a long neck position twist your fitting and pull your toes down arms behind you
hugging your ears and wrists extended to the sides with the fingertips pulling
down towards your legs this is the Maurya net part of the exercise and it
means you want to keep tension everywhere the mistake people do here is
relax oh no you don’t relax you sort of want to be more convincing that you’re
taking part of a horror film rather than being relaxed so just to emphasize
during the exercise keep asking yourself can you pull into better 90 degrees on
your hip and straighten your knees further are you doing the best you can
to tuck your chin in can you pour your feet in further together and pull your
toes further down our arms really pushing hard away from your body and I
erased really pulling hard to extend to the sides as much as they can
great now for the tailbone squeeze you want to push your tailbone really hard
into the floor pushing your tailbone Harding to the floor is half the
exercise think about squeezing your quads and pulling them towards you as
well in the best possible scenario you will feel your lumbar spine and your
sacrum slightly separating to create space hold this incredible position for
40 seconds everything tensing hard tailbone pushing down into the floor
shaking is okay and remember to breathe I know there’s a lot going on there but
I promise just write and see what happens now before we move on pay
attention if this position is too easy and you need to progress it or if it’s
too hard and you need to take a step back there are specific ways to do it
the right way we’ve got it all covered in depth at beli proof comm Ford / lower
back pain it’s free the minor tailbone squeeze is beyond amazing for people
with sciatica for people with herniated disk in fact if you’ve been diagnosed
with a slip disc you might want to go ahead and do it for a few weeks by the
time they evaluate you for surgery you might not actually need it it’s that
powerful exercise – 4 7 8 toe touch you’ve tried to touch your toes earlier
and hopefully you’ve just done them I in a tailbone squeeze go ahead and try it
again did I imagine it or did he just get
better let’s make it even better by tricking your nervous system start by
getting rid of your shoes fit together and try and touch your toes
hum don’t let me see you rock not that I can see you right now as before without bending you knees at
the bottom of your movement place your hands or arms between your legs step one
would be to take a deep breath into your stomach for four seconds then for step
to hold the air inside as you hold the air try and use your arms to really
separate your legs and push them out hard but at the same time your legs
needs to resist they need to pull back in your arms pushing out your legs
pushing in so nothing moves try and also squeeze your heels and push them
together everything’s pushing nothing’s moving
and air is being held in your stomach for about seven seconds the last step
step three start relaxing and breathe out slowly to the count of eight seconds
as you relax see if you can easily move further down I like to do this exercise
first thing in the morning it only takes like four seven eight less than twenty
seconds but it makes a big difference exercise number three hey pip all right
this exercise is all about moving your hips independently from the spine and
pelvis the absolute goal in here is to keep an anterior pelvic tilt and an
arched back basically avoid rounding your spine start by kneeling down on the
ground Ultra spine as best as you can and put
one hand behind your lower back move back and rock your bum to your heels
then we do a thoracic rotation your back is locked into position and your upper
spine is rotating up and to the side great now let’s move into abduction your
leg is going out into the side move back and forth Rock a few times try and keep
your torso fairly close to the floor and try to add external rotation by moving
your toes up again triangle from the hip not your
back slide the leg behind you and moving to
the famous pigeon position rock back as much as you comfortably can keeping your
back arched and your chest pointing up when your leg is as far back as possible
start gliding side to side trying to keep your pelvis parallel to the floor
as you glide from there we’re moving to the 1990 position this is an amazing
position to open up the hip capsule I recommend sticking your elbow into the
hip and sort of punching forward that will help you create that nice arched
back position then go ahead and have a look and just double-check and fix your
position so that you have 90 degrees between your legs twice as demonstrated
if possible lean forward with your torso and try not to use support from your
hands so hands in the air is harder and better hold this position for a few
seconds then start opening the trailing leg so that you slowly move into what we
call the best seat position when you can’t open it any further
stick your elbow into the thigh and start pushing them against each other
for a few seconds that means your elbow is going to push your thigh away trying
to forcefully open it by your thigh rather than letting it do it is going to
resist and push back in do it for maybe three or four seconds and then see if
you can move it a bit further and flip to the other side we’re now going to go
in reverse to cover the other side so back into the pigeon into abduction plus
external rotation and finally rocking back and doing thoracic rotations on the
other side that feels super nice right I’ve got more tips to share but this
video is getting too long if you like this video and your back feels better
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more details and we share a few bonus exercises for you to try like the
vertebra switch will make your spine as stronger as still if you’re interested
in techniques I only share with my subscribers
go ahead and sign for it on the website it’s free lastly I want to hear your
thoughts which of those three exercises was the hardest to do but made the
biggest immediate difference to your lower back let me know in the comments
below don’t forget to check the website let’s


  1. Nice video. The 3rd exercise was a bit fast. In addition, how would you modify for someone who is not as flexible due to a hip replacement?

  2. None but it feel good to try. Back really bad I have no feeling in legs. But. I will say. I'm loser just still in alot of pain. But I do like it alot

  3. The marionette exercise really helped man – software developer here, waaaay too much stting over the last 20 years has taken its toll.

  4. I recently returned to the gym and been going quite heavy, but i been getting numbness down the side of my thighs last week or so.. The thoracic twist things were awesome, clicks n cracks followed by instant relief, just really loosened my back up . The marionette also felt awesome, I've never seen it before.. I will aim to start doing this in the mornings, thanks

  5. The last exercise was the most difficult for me because I think I'm doing it wrong. It would be much better if some one can watch and tell me what Im doing wrong . But the video is osam 👍🏼

  6. This is gold ! Can you make similar video to recommend exercise for upper back ( cervical spine c3-c5 ) pain ?

  7. The 90 90's are the hardest by far. Is this a trick question? 🙂 One side tends to be a lot harder than the other.

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