Living with illness

Living with a terminal illness is about
expecting and preparing for change. In the early stages, considerations may
include leaving your job, organising a special trip, contacting old
friends, arranging your finances, finalising a Will or planning funeral arrangements. It is
an emotional journey for the person with the illness and their loved ones. Things will change
over time and this may mean a progressive loss a
independence and the things you enjoy doing. For many
people sharing thoughts with family members and friends can ease the emotional burden. Even though it may be difficult to discuss some things, open and honest communication can be
helpful in understanding how others feel and in planning for the future.
Circumstances can vary greatly between families but what we all have in common are
emotional responses. Reconnecting or resolving issues can be
important for some families at this time, however, sometimes you can’t
predict issues that will arise. For example, there may be disagreements
about sensitive issues, such as finances of funeral arrangements. It is also best not to exclude children
from discussions about illness and dying. While it may seem easy
and not to burden them, children are both resilient and observant.
They may be more anxious if they do not understand the circumstances. The website is available at

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