Live Rescue: We’ve Got an Escapee (Season 2) | A&E


  1. I agree with the natural selection comments but the police need to do something about people like this for the public's safety. You don't do something you get San Francisco, ok?

  2. "We've seen this a couple times before from her." St Louis is such a trash heap and the public is expected to pay for this moron's behavior over and over and over again. Pathetic.

  3. Such a joke that we waste precious resources on these scum! i say give them more drugs so they can all OD & feed em to the lions and wolves

  4. Perhaps a naive question. Who pays for treating all those overdosed ones in the US? Looks like it costs millions if dollars every day.

  5. Think of the $billions wasted on Blacks, their housing, violence, kids, prisons, welfare, medical care, etc.
    What do we get from these huge expenses aside from violence, filthy and dangerous cities, higher taxes and broken schools?

  6. Normal protocol says police have to respond first to clear a scene before emergency workers can start their job? Im in Indiana but i thought this procedure was nationwide

  7. Flaka is a terrible drug. All these videos out showing how it makes people like zombies with weird body movements and people still try it because it’s a cheap high

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