Live Rescue: I’m Not a Baby, but Call My Mom (Season 2) | A&E


  1. He don’t want to be in a locked facility and using drugs. Sadly can’t help those who don’t want help. He is definitely homeless. Until he hits rock bottom he won’t accept help. Notice his thought process.

  2. Cut his genitals so he can’t breed please. Society will thank you. He can apply later in life to have the surgery fixed . But we need to keep people from breeding to save this country.

  3. Hello hey yes this is the fire dept can you come get your son he is not looking to good (“mom”) heck no let the little shi* stay there I’m trying to be a parent again on his little brother

  4. Moms babysitting… wow hes trash… she knows her son is a druggie..sad… i was once n his shoes… been in a outpatient rehab for 5 years clean and sober. Its sad his own nom didnt esnt to help.. i was lucky enougg to have my mom in my corner. Shes even been to consuling with me.. the worst day of my life was when i told my mom i was a addict and went to rehab. At that point she already knew i was an addict… been clean since 11-24-13…

  5. My son 20yrs old , married with a son would not go to the hospital .I got to his house told him he needed to go , no problem.We still laugh.He had even been to Irac

  6. I know people love to make jokes, but as somebody who is the child of a heroin/meth addict, I just find this whole thing sad. Addiction truly is a disease and I do feel for this guy as well as his mum or any family. It takes a toll on everyone and getting clean is a lot easier said then done, especially in the U.S where any sort of treatment costs a fortune

  7. That boy be about heavily addicted to opioids. Poor guy. I hope he gets to his bottom soon…he might have a chance if he gets his butt to NA, or even AA. They most Definitely save lives.

  8. Am i wrong in thinking it'd bee funny if he rode his bike and a car pulling in hit him?! I mean it's slow enough not to kill him but then he'd have to go to the hospital and maybe get some kind of treatment? It's sad how he talks about his mom too

  9. This one time a guy passed out while waiting for a haircut. They couldn’t get him to wake up! I told them “ you need to call 911, that’s some kind of opioid OD” my mom is a pill head so she would just nod off anywhere and everywhere.

    It’s crazy how angry and awake they get when someone confronts them and ask them if they are high 🙄🙄

  10. Nobody wants to go to the hospital or call for an ambulance because it's so expensive! Over here, we just need to pay USD0.25cents for an ambulance, medication, X-ray etc! No wonder so many of you choose us under the Second Home Programme plan! USD15 for all of the above for foreigners! We thought that America was supposed to be rich!

  11. Exactly!🤬 You're not a baby!🤮 Your mum is working! Unlike you! This is why we believe in Corporal Punishment here!🙄 His mama is partially to be blamed!🤬

  12. Spare the rod and spoil the child! Having a disgusting drug addict as a son, who should just OD and die before he gets others addicted too, is not a blessing! It's a curse!😡🤮🤬

  13. Wow…some pretty harsh comments; maybe from people who haven’t struggled with addiction.
    I too have never struggled with it, but I see it regularly in my travels.
    It is so very sad. My heart goes out to the individuals and their families who deal with it.
    I hope the young man gets help before it’s too late.

  14. What a selfish entitled person, that tells you something right there why his Mom doesn't come for him and with the way he acts and probably treats her it's no wonder she didn't come right away. Yeah like he said she could've come with the baby maybe it's his but who knows although I don't think she wanted to because she knows how he is and doesn't possibly want him around the baby when he's under the influence of drugs and she's probably had enough of him. I wonder if he got help or not.

  15. When everyone gets a participation trophy……this is the result. Can’t see that he is actually the problem, not his Mom.

  16. One thing that I think they failed to do is actually if he’s under age and the mom says that they can take him to a detox center legally they can

  17. I hope he get the help he needs and the recovery he can have if he's ready and willing to work for it. My heart goes out to him momma. 👍🏻 first responders rock ❣

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