Live Rescue: Faceplant on the Sidewalk (Season 2) | A&E


  1. 1:38 lmao i could practically hear the gears turning in his head
    "am i allowed to answer this question? should i answer this question? is she drunk enough that i can get away with changing the subject?"

  2. "Who is the president"
    "He's a horrible person"
    Yes she's coherent and running on all cylinders, just a little drunk that's all.
    Joe Biden 2020 🗽 🇺🇸 😂

  3. TDS at its best. Someone tell me one thing that makes trump a horrible person. And you can't just say he's racist or a horrible person etc. I want an action. People complain about Trump every day without any reason other than he's racist blah blah blah with nothing to back it up. Pure blasphemy

  4. Officer : Do you know who’s the president?
    Lady: He’s a horrible person
    Officer: Alright you know his name
    Lady: he’s a horrible person
    Lady: He’s a horrible person
    Lady: he’s a horrible human being
    Lady: he’s a terrible person
    Officer: confidentially regretting asking her who is the president

  5. That’s why I skip past “Do you know who the president is?” question. I don’t wanna go thru all that lmao I’m just doing my job

  6. I knew TDS was a brain wasting disease but I've never seen it actually cause the victim to collapse. She needs facts and logic stat!

  7. I feel like everyone who hates trump and calls him a “horrible person” thinks like the lady who’s wasted all the time, even while sober.

  8. Well, I bet Trump never got wasted and ended up looking like a fool and face planting on the sidewalk… But that's none of my business…

  9. People who don't like Trump need to get over themselves you are not only making regular people mad but you are making EMS providers jobs way more difficult than they already are God dam.

  10. Like we are going to take the word of a drunk lady that just fell on her face, that she knows anything smart about our President…. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our Wonderful President!!

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