Live Rescue: BB Head Injury (Season 1) | A&E


  1. Smells like a drug deal gone wrong and he was the seller. Less likely to be buyer unless he had quite a bit to pick up.

  2. They send an ambulance, a large fire truck, and a crew of at least 8 people to respond to a BB gun wound. And you wonder why your healthcare costs are so high???

  3. Ever vigilant, our hero wears two layers of eye protection at all times. Ready for any bb gun incident that may arise.

  4. Bruh… I play airsoft every weekend… people come out bleeding ALL the time and you don’t see a fire truck and an ambulance rolling down the street. XD

  5. One time my little sister accidentally shot me in the face point blank with a 22 revolver luckily it only grazed me but because of that incident i am deaf in one ear edit guy in the video is good sport about it doesnt seem fazed at all when i was shot by 22 i started screaming and crying and rolling on the ground while medics try to help me

  6. Lucky it wasn't my co2 metal gun that shoot all pellets or my rifle that take pointed pellets and bbs he would of been crying if he had to do all this for plastic bbs

  7. Alright, does anyone else want to criticize him for calling the police?
    Be advised that it isn't exactly legal to shoot people in the head with BB guns– so he had to report the event

  8. We used to have BB gun wars in the woods way back in the 80's, we would wear goggles and guys would get BBs stuck in there foreheads and cheeks, good times.

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